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What Would You Do With An Extra 15 Minutes a Day?

Where in your life can you do an extra 15 minutes a day? How would your life change if you did 15 minutes more a day to follow your dreams, live your passion or manifest your vision? What about adding an extra 15 minutes of gratituder into your life? How would your...

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11 Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude Daily

When we practice gratitude daily, it shapes our view of the world and helps us to be more mindful and appreciate the little things. It’s not always easy to start to practice gratitude daily, so I recommend you choose one of these at a time. Once you’ve created a new...

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Why Can’t I Lose Weight? My Personal Weight Loss Story

Never assume you know someone else's story. We see photos or read about someone else's success and often our default is to believe that it was easy for them or they have advantages that we don't. In my experience, that's not what I have seen.  Today, I may look...

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