Why I’m Celebrating Life Today!

celebrating life

Every day I wake up and give thanks for the gift of another day. And two years ago, I almost lost the chance to ever say those words again. Some of you may already know the story about how I almost lost my life, and for others, this is the first time you’re learning of…

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Stay Healthy on Vacation


I’m back from 8 wonderful days in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. There are so many wonderful things to share about the trip, I will put together a post on the best that I’ve experienced (so far) in Costa Rica. Today I want to focus on how to stay healthy on vacation. How many times have you…

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Happy Thanksgiving to Our American Friends

thanksgiving poem

May today be the start of a wonderful tradition of gratitude that continues throughout the holiday season. I published this poem on Canadian Thanksgiving, and I think it really captures my feelings about gratitude. Simple Gratitudes – by Julie Boyer The light that shines when you flip a switch, The machine that sews to fix…

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Time for a Little Break

time for a little break

Time for a little break! I’m going to be doing some travelling over the next few weeks, into the first week of December and I’m not taking my laptop with me. So I’ll be taking a little break from blogging. I’ll still be sharing on Instagram and Facebook, however I’m focusing on family first this…

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Remember to Remember

practice gratitude in wood type

On this day of Remembrance, who are you remembering? What are you most grateful for? Here is Canada we are truly blessed to live in a country without civil war and without major any military deployments in our lifetime. We know nothing of war on the home front and most of our parents don’t either.…

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