Hello, I’m Julie! I dream of a world where everyone wakes up with gratitude. Are you ready to start right now?



Do you want to create daily, lifelong gratitude practices?



Do you want to be a grateful leader and inspire others in a big way?



Do you want to express gratitude for your body and improve your health?

Recent blog posts

Live Launch of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox 6th Edition

Over the past five years, the most popular and successful Grateful Wellness program has been the 30 Day Whole Body Detox. I am so excited to announce that the 6th edition of the program is now LIVE and our first group start will be on Monday April 3rd. For those who...

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10 Strategies For Dealing With Overwhelm

It’s the week before the annual launch of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox. I have an amazing team of people that I work with to help update the program; however during the last few weeks before launch day, my plate is much, much fuller than it normally is. I do my best...

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Make Your Morning Routine Work For You

Most of us wake up every day to the sound of an alarm clock. And often we are rushing around the house, trying to get everything done before it's time for the bus or we have to leave from work. In my case, I work from home so I have a bit more flexibility with timing,...

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