10 Useful Strategies For Dealing With Overwhelm

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Healthy Lifestyle

It’s the week before the annual launch of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox. I have an amazing team of people that I work with to help update the program; however during the last few weeks before launch day, my plate is much, much fuller than it normally is. I’m sharing these useful strategies for dealing with overwhelm as I thought they might be helpful. We all feel overwhelmed at times. Notice that these aren’t way to AVOID feeling overwhelmed – it’s acknowledging that sometime we all have a bit too much going on at the same time and that with the right strategies, we can deal with it and stay healthy, happy and grateful.

10 Strategies For Dealing With Overwhelm:

  1. Morning routine – My most recent blog post was about how to make your morning routine work for you. Trust me, when your schedule is hectic, this is one part of your life that NEEDS to work. Create a routine that works for you and when things are a big ball of stress, your routine will already be in place.
  2. Regular breaks – This is critical especially if you’re doing a lot of work on the computer. I find that I need to get up at least once an hour and stretch, or even lie down on the floor for a change of position. I would recommend investing in a stand up desk or something to raise up your laptop so that you can change positions.
  3. Drink a lot of water – When you drink a lot of water there are two benefits: First you end up taking more breaks to pee and second your brain function is optimized, as when you are dehydrated it immediately affects your concentration.
  4. Go outside for a walk or run – A change of scenery helps especially when you are experiencing a mental block or trying to solve a problem. It’s also a great way to relieve stress and allow the blood to flow; and more blood flow to the brain leads to better focus.
  5. Music – I usually find music distracting when I am working, however my husband is the opposite, he loves have music in the background when programming. Music can be used to quickly shift your mood, whether it be to bring up your energy or to help calm you down when you’re in a moment of feeling overwhelmed. I’ve been using sacred choral music to keep me calm and focused. I love this kind of music and the beautiful feelings it stirs in my heart.
  6. Snuggle with pets, kids or your partner – When we are overwhelmed, we sometimes forget to connect with others. We don’t have time for the hugs and kisses from our kids or partners, and the dog or cat doesn’t get any love either. Take 5 minutes at some point in your day to stop for a snuggle. Feeling overwhelmed at the office? Ask a trusted friend for a hug.
  7. Play a video game/read a book – Basically do anything else that is not work. When I’m in periods of massive work like this, I need to play a simple game before I can fall asleep, so that my brain shifts from the work. If not, I tend to keep creating to-do lists in my mind. I also take a few minutes to read a book or magazine to give my eyes a rest from screens. And of course, I always end the day with my gratitude journal.
  8. Delegate – This can be a lifesaver when you are feeling overwhelmed. What tasks can someone else do? Who can support you? Maybe there isn’t anyone to delegate work tasks to, perhaps you can ask your family for extra support at home. Delegating can be very tough when you’re an entrepreneur. I’ve learned that by giving others a chance to be a part of a bigger project, such as the 30 Day Whole Body Detox, they also get value from contributing.
  9. Breathe deeply. Often. When we are in a stressful time period, the first thing that happens is that we tend to have very shallow breathing. A morning meditation of 5 minutes that focuses on your breath can make a massive difference for the rest of the day. When we are more conscious of our breath, we tend to remember to breathe more deeply. All of this will again help with brain function, concentration and focus.
  10. Have faith that it will all get done – How many times has a project not actually been finished? How many times have you seen a deadline looming and you stress about it, yet end up making it with time to spare? I know that even though the week before detox launch is always a challenge that the program always launches on time. So I remind myself of this several times a day and just back to work.


We all have periods in our lives when we feel overwhelmed. These simple strategies can help us during those times. However, if you do feel like you are always in a state of overwhelm, this can be dangerous for your health and I highly suggest that you take time to slow down and truly assess your situation to see if there are things that you might be able to let go of. Never-ending high levels of stress and overwhelm can cause serious damage to our cells and lead to degenerative diseases among other things.

Which of these strategies has worked for you? Are there other strategies that I’ve missed?

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