Yesterday’s post was a milestone for me – it was my 100th post! I have been blogging on a regular basis since December of 2009 and was surprised that I’ve made it to 100 already. I’m not committed to blogging every day – I tried that for a while in the beginning but it was too much and I believe it’s better to blog when you’ve actually got something to say, rather than just posting because you feel you have to. I average 2 blog posts per week these days, usually first thing in the morning during the week.

I’ve learned a lot by blogging and meeting people through this process. I am certain that there is a lot more that I could be doing with the blog and becoming more involved in the blogsphere – and I think that’s something I may dive into a few months after baby girl arrives. I am pretty sure that I will have my hands full for at least the next few months when she arrives!! One of the things I really enjoy about blogging is the feedback I receive from my readers. Although I can see that 100s of people are reading the blog (thank-you!) I don’t always know who is.  It’s always nice to connect with someone in person or over the phone who mentions that they have been reading my blog.  I really enjoy writing and also giving others the chance to think about different opinions and other perspectives on life.

Thank-you for all of your feedback, comments and such over the past 100 posts. If you’ve got ideas on how to make this blog even better – I’m open to suggestions and ideas! I appreciate that you take the time to read it and interact about the variety of topics I’ve shared. I am grateful to have a wonderful community to blog with!

Have a wonderful day everyone  and I’ll catch you on post #102.

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