It’s time to admit it. Even the gratitude girl is finding it difficult to be grateful for this winter. It’s been a pretty tough one here in most of Canada and the north eastern US. I find it hard to recall a winter that was as harsh! Combine ice storms, a polar vortex, snow storms, more sub-zero temperatures and frigid arctic winds, and you’ve got a full-on challenge from Mother Nature every day since December. So, in the spirit of my mission, which is to inspire people to live daily gratitude, here are my

12 Ways to Find Gratitude This Winter:

1. I am grateful to have a roof over my head. Every day that it’s minus -20°C (-4°F) I remind myself that there are people that do not have a home to keep them warm.

2. I am grateful for all of the men and women who have worked tirelessly this winter to clear the roads and the fallen trees from the ice storm, freezing rain and several snow storms. While we are all sleeping in our beds, they are out in the dark, clearing the snow and salting (or sanding) the roads and sidewalks for us.

3. I am grateful for all of the days when the temperature is higher than -10°C (14°F) as we can play outside in the snow. Here’s a video of my husband and daughter having fun!

4. For all who love winter sports, it’s been an amazing year for outdoor hockey (the rinks are always frozen), snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, downhill skiing and ice fishing. Layers are a priority but there has been more than enough snow and ice for all of these Canadian favorites.

PhotoGrid_13916392279035. I am grateful for all of the sources of heat: electric, gas, fireplaces, wood stoves, car heaters, space heaters, blankets, duvets, family pets and of course, my partner!

6. I am grateful that the days are getting longer and that every day we are one step closer to spring!

7. For travel companies and agents, it’s been a great year for last minute travel. I’ve seen many of you share your warm destination travel photos on Facebook! Since so many people are so tired of the weather, more and more people are getting away for an extra week of vacation.

8. It’s an Olympic year! Controversies and athlete living conditions aside, the cold weather makes us want to stay indoors and watch more Olympic coverage!

9. I am grateful for Skype, Facetime, Startmeeting, GoToWebinar and all other web based services that allow me to connect with clients and team members without leaving the house and risking driving in bad weather. In fact, it’s made my business more efficient as I’m driving to fewer appointments.

10. I am grateful for more time with my family. Many events have been cancelled due to the weather conditions, which means I end up staying home and spending more time with my family.

11. If you invested in snow tires, winter boots, a winter coat and other winter accessories this year, your ROI (return on investment) has been HUGE this year, and it’s only February!

12. I am truly grateful that even with all of the harsh conditions, the fatalities have been low. People are taking care and driving to weather conditions or staying off the roads when advised by police to do so. Neighbor and families helped out when people lost power for days and days. Let’s keep things safe for the rest of this winter season and show respect for the weather conditions at all times.

And finally, I am grateful that after a while, all of this seems to be ‘normal’, we’re used to bundling up with all of our winter accessories when going out and that the roads will likely have some snow on them when we are driving. I’m seeing more and more people getting out in the cold and snow because at this point, you just have to get on with life, regardless of the weather. And the best part about it? Soon enough you’ll see people complaining about the heat and humidity of the summer!

What have you found to be grateful for this winter?


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