Yesterday I shared with you the first part of my client Corinne’s success story with the 28 Day Total Body Detox program. Tonight, I’ll be sharing the rest of her amazing story. From the comments we’ve received so far, seems like Corinne has been inspiring people already. What a blessing it is to have her in my life!

Corinne is a mom of three, her daughter is 9 and her twin boys are 7 years old.Corinne and her family

What about your kids? How did they react to your different food choices?
My children were always open to trying new things, especially the smoothies. For the most part, they enjoyed anything new that I offered them. I enjoyed experimenting with new flavours, as my cooking was a little bland. Overall, everything I’ve eaten has been received well by my family, has been delicious as well as flavourful! I was able to get quite creative within the window of ingredients in the 28 Day TBD plan. It has also made me eager to only include healthy choices in my kids’ school lunches and to never cook their veggies at meal time! They have all come to really enjoy a leafy green salad with balsamic dressing – crazy eh?! For some reason, this excites me!

One other way they were involved was typically on Friday mornings, I would weigh myself (they’d weigh themselves too, but they were hoping to gain weight!) and NO MATTER the result, they were so excited for me and cheered me on! Their excitement was contagious!! An added bonus: I am eating more raw food, so I am saving electricity!!

What would be the biggest change you’ve seen over 4 weeks?
The biggest change besides the obvious weight loss, stable mood and stable energy to draw from, has been my ATTITUDE!! This is the most amazing observation I have made! In the past, I’d always sabotage myself with negative self-talk. I knew how damaging my self-talk could be, but how could I change it? I’m not sure but maybe it’s finally doing something that is just for me and realizing I don’t have to be perfect. And not letting any set-backs bring me down! If I had a “cheat”, I used to always see it as a “fail”. Now, I see it as it is: I enjoy my “cheat” because let’s face it, that is life right? Temptation is always around us! But then, I just keep looking forward; I don’t let it get me down. That’s a big difference for me. I don’t beat myself up any more….and guess what? It works! I am succeeding!!

One habit that will stick?
Surely my new-found attitude with stick with me! As well as incorporating quality ingredients into everything I eat; not just quantity. It’s not just about getting full; it’s getting full with the most nutrition possible! I also think the preparing early in the week will continue so I always have healthy snack/meal choices right on hand.

941329_10152747919390401_389240240_nAny physical changes to share?
During this 28 Day TBD, I lost a total of 13 pounds! I can tell you that most of my pants are sagging or hard to keep up, so I know that is a very promising sign that many inches have also been lost!! I’ve had a few people tell me recently that I look great and one person even said that I am glowing. One other thing is my fingernails; I know it’s a little thing that was almost hard to detect, but my fingernails used to just peel off in layers, but that is no longer happening and they are much stronger now. I really do *feel* lighter and brighter over all!

In closing…
The Friday before I was to begin the 28 Day TBD, I came across 2 documentaries on Netflix that I watched; Food Matters and Hungry for Change. I found these highly informative and they came with impeccable timing! These documentaries were full of information on how our food choices affect our bodies. This gave me an intense desire to learn more and helped me come into the 28 Day TBD more informed!

Also, I never really believed that I could do the 28 Day TBD, but thought I had nothing much to lose and I was definitely ready for “some thing” to change. I did not make it through the entire 28 days without “fail” or I’d now rather call it imperfection. I had several imperfections, BUT I chose not to focus on those imperfections and rather I focussed on continuing to make progress. I have come to know this as Imperfect Progress. I love that way of thinking because expecting perfection from myself is truly setting myself up for what I would call “failure”. But, if I continue making Imperfect Progress…..then, I know I am, at the very least, progressing!!

I look forward to this Imperfect Progress for the rest of my life! I now accept the lifestyle change I’ve heard so much about and that it will not happen in one day, one week or even one year; it is constantly underway with the more I learn! I must continue to achieve this Imperfect Progress in order to succeed and meet my goals!

Congratulations on all of your success Corinne! I have a feeling this is only the beginning of so many more wonderful things!! JulieB

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