When Corinne first decided she was ready to do the 28 Day Total Body Detox, she wasn’t exactly sure what she was in for, but she was ready to make some changes. I’ve known Corinne for just over a year and have had the opportunity to coach and support her through several different programs in that time. I was very excited to see that she was ready to take on the 28 Day TBD challenge. Her story is very powerful and inspiring, so I’ll be sharing it over the next two blog posts. I am so proud of her and all of her hard work and dedication to make lifestyle changes. That is what is most powerful about this story. I’ve highlighted a few key points if you’re just skimming the article.

Corinne happy and lighter after the 28 Day TBD

Corinne happy and lighter after the 28 Day TBD

First, tell us a little bit about yourself, Corinne.

I have been married for almost 15 years. I am the mother to a 9 year old girl and 7 year old twin boys! My life has been quite a whirlwind since I found out I was having twins, as this was the beginning of many big life changes for our family. Over the past 3 years, I have been through many changes and tragedies: I lost my mother tragically, I moved to a new city, I’ve suffered verbal abuse and subsequent neglect at my work place; and most recently, I took my first family vacation to a foreign country resulting in almost losing my son due to a serious traumatic accident. Phew! It has been quite a journey indeed!

What made you decide to join this program?
With all of these challenges in my life, it’s been easy for me to make excuses for what I put into my body, wouldn’t you agree?! 🙂 I was “waiting” for the day I would be “ready”. This past January, I woke up one day and said, “I’ve got to do something….TODAY!!” Julie had sent information for a RESET Challenge that was starting January 7, 2013. I decided I was worth the investment and took the challenge; the time was right! This got me a little more focused on what I was eating and helped me to learn some new ways of eating, not to mention, lose some weight!

After the tragic accident on our family vacation, which was in March, I “fell off the wagon” for a good 3 weeks and was feeling a little down and felt myself spiraling. Julie had sent information with regards to this 28 day Total Body Detox (TBD). It sounded intense and like much more than I was capable to handling, so I simply sat on it. I needed something to “kick it up a notch” and to get back on track.

I had lost 20+ pounds on the RESET Challenge and was now feeling a bit defeated having gained back a few pounds and was experiencing some unstable moods again. It was a very quick decision this year, but I jumped on the 28 Day TBD wagon and kicked it off on April 22nd, 2013 (I feel excited just thinking about the fact I managed to achieve this!! Celebrate the small victories, right?!). I spent a good hour doing some research on some of the ingredients in the book as this was quite new to me. I was a quick fix, instant dinner, chocolate and coffee type of girl who; although at times felt guilty, never gave much thought to what I ate (It was quantity over quality for me). I was simply grateful I had a meal or snack to eat and always put myself last after my family. After researching, I experienced shopping for the first time – WOW, that’s was a lot of veggies and greens! I was nervously excited!!

What was the biggest challenge to overcome during the first week?

On the first day, it was mid-afternoon (my weakest time of the day) when I emailed Julie, whom I now refer to as my “nutritional mentor” (she probably didn’t know that!), because I was “starving” and didn’t want to eat something outside the range of the 28 Day TBD. She quickly responded (THANKFULLY) and said I should never be hungry on this plan and suggested some food ideas. I was very grateful for this response in that moment because it changed the way I think. That was AWESOME! I never have to feel hungry. Julie just told me that I SHOULD eat when I am hungry. Now, when I am hungry I EAT and I aim for quality caloric foods/snacks and I rarely feel guilty any more for eating! On Day 2, 3, 4, I had an intermittent, pounding headache and being a detox, I didn’t want to take Advil so I rested when I could (was also feeling exhausted), used heat or ice and rolled a tennis ball around my tender neck/shoulders. I must admit, it was a challenge but one that I conquered and feel amazingly proud of myself for sticking with it! I believe I had the headache from withdrawal from my daily GIANT double-double coffee and all the chocolate and other sweets I ate all through the day prior to this 28 Day TBD. My body was not sure what was happening! The headache was gone by Day 5 and the fatigue lasted intermittently until about Day 10.

Did your grocery shopping change?

Week One Groceries

Week One Groceries

My shopping has become simplified. I realize I do not need to have a whole different fancy meal every day. I am choosing quality over quantity. It has minimized the amount of processed/prepared foods I give my family. Learning to do some preparing at the beginning of the week has been a life-saver when I come home feeling really hungry; it makes it easier to make a healthy choice, for me and for my family. As well, I have developed a better knowledge of the purpose and function of organic foods; something I had no knowledge of prior to the 28 Day TBD. I am excited to learn more about this as I go.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow’s blog post will be the rest of this amazing story! If you’ve enjoyed her story so far, please let her know in the comments below.

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