The good news is that the hardest thing about travelling while doing the 30 Day Whole Body Detox is not actually staying true to the program! It’s finding the time to blog. Yesterday was the first day of the USANA High Performance Summit so my day was pretty full! Thankfully, breakfast and lunch were provided and there were lots of perfectly healthy options. I still started my day with my Nutrimeal Free and Fibergy smoothie in my room, but about 3 hours later, went down for breakfast. Yes, I am still sort of on EST so I have been getting up super early. Breakfast was fresh fruit and scrambled eggs. I spoke to the restaurant manager about my dietary concerns and he arranged to make a special lunch for me. 2015-04-23 12.42.01I have been craving a big salad since I got here and most of the salads I have seen on the menus here would have to be modified completely to be appropriate for the program. So he offered to make me a big salad for lunch. And it was delicious!

I survived on USANA Berry Nutty bars and almonds for snacks. Plus the interesting bag of crispy broccoli from Trader Joe’s. It was just broccoli, oil and salt. Pretty good but really messy. Not the kind of snack you can eat in public. We went to Yard House here on site for a special celebratory dinner. Today is my husband’s birthday so we were celebrating that, as well as my business advancement to Executive Gold. Beautiful pub with craft beers on tap & my favorite cider as well, Angry Orchard. It did take some restraint not to order a drink but I decided that it just wasn’t worth it to cheat after 17 days! So I stuck to water. And this morning, I’m glad I did! It’s already pretty dry here so that last thing I needed was alcohol to dehydrate me.

Dinner of sides

Dinner of sides

My dinner was a bit of an interesting mix. I used a trick that Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows recommended: order a bunch of sides to make a meal. So I ordered the brown rice, mixed vegetables and grilled asparagus. The veggies were amazing but the rice was undercooked and dry so it wasn’t a huge success but by that time I wasn’t really hungry so it was ok. The company more than made up for it. And then all loved their steaks. Yep, everyone I was with ordered a steak. Nice.

I had the chance to share this program with some of the people I was with yesterday and they are super excited about becoming new coaches! Very exciting!! I’ve decided that the launch price of $9.95 CND ($8.95 US) will expired on April 30th. Regular price is $29.95 for the coaching program starting May 1st. So if you haven’t purchased your program yet, make sure you do so within a week.

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