It’s been 33 days since I started the 30 Days to Optimal Health Program with 14 other people. The results have been great for so many people! I’ve shared some of their stories in testimonials. My reasons for participating in the program as well as coaching were simple: I had reached a plateau with my weight loss since my daughter was born.  I was frustrated that no matter what I seemed to do, nothing was changing. I needed to get back on track with the healthy lifestyle triad that had served me well for so many years. And I was motivated to be an example of good health, not only for my family but for other busy moms as well.

My goals were also very simple:

  • Fit into my bridesmaid dress (check!)
  • Stop drinking diet coke (check!)
  • Lose 10 lb (7 lb and more than 2 inches already)

This photo is the most dramatic, you can see the changes in my face, tummy and thighs.

What I found was that this program is not just about weight loss. For so many people there have been other amazing results, beyond losing weight. Here are just a few examples:

  • More energy
  • No 3 pm dip in energy
  • Fitting back into your clothes
  • No late night snacking (or making healthy choices instead)
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Learning new healthy habits that allow for a lifestyle change
  • Finding out that being healthy for life can be simple to do every single day
  • Meeting new people and sharing support
  • Improving on race times (one participant took 11 min off her half marathon time from 5 weeks earlier)
  • More self confidence and feeling great about your body

Most participants achieved 2 of 3 goals within the 30 days. And not only that, many participants who hadn’t lost any weight in the years before, have been losing weight and inches with our program.  Since we are teaching lifestyle habits, the goal is to continue to lose weight at a steady pace until your body reaches it’s optimum weight.  Then it’s maintenance for life.

One of the questions I often get if do I have to continue to take the vitamins and use other USANA products? My answer is YES! You’ve had success for a month using these products along side your healthy low glycemic eating and regular cardio exercise – why would you stop? Part of the program includes learning about why each part of the triad is so important for lifelong health. And when you meet others who have been maintaining this program for years, you can tell the difference it makes not only in how they look, but their energy levels and overall health.

Where do we go from here? Stay tuned, I’m currently redesigning both Motivation For Your Life and 30 Days to Optimal Health.  The new website will launch within a month and we’ll have several program options available. If you’d like to get started immediately, just send me an email at and we’ll get you started.

My goal: To help at least 1,000 mommies to feel great about their bodies again, using the 30 Days to Optimal Health program. Dads and non-moms welcome too! In fact, some of the most dramatic results have been from our men.

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