Download and share on social media to let us know you're in!

Download and share on social media to let us know you’re in!

Next Friday I’ll be celebrating a very special birthday, my 40th. When people say things like ‘you made it!’ those words mean a lot to me, as I did almost lose my life in December of 2014. In celebration of my 40 years here on Earth, I’ll be starting a 40 Days of Gratitude Challenge.

Gratitude Tip: Most gratitude challenges are 30 days long, I’ve done a few myself and it can be a challenge to stick to anything beyond a week. In honour of my 40th, I’m stepping up to an even bigger challenge. 40 Days of Gratitude will be a simply, daily challenge, where all you do is post a photo (or a phrase) on Instagram or Facebook and tell us what you’re grateful for today. It can be a person, place, object, emotion, pet, company or business – it’s completely up to you! Use the #40daysofgratitude and #gratitudechallenge so that we can all see what each of us is grateful for.

Mark your calendars! The first day of the challenge will be on Friday Jan 29th. Create a recurring appointment in your calendar for 40 days (or set a daily alarm) to remind yourself to post. I’ll be watching out for the #s and giving away random prizes to different people who are posting. Let us know you’re in by downloading the photo in this post and sharing it on Instagram or Facebook. Together we can create a wave of gratitude for the month of February and early March. It will be a great way to avoid S.A.D. and inspire those around us.



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