40 Things to be Grateful for in the Past Decade

Here’s my list:

1.Married my soulmate
2. Gave birth to our daughter
3. Started a business with USANA Health Sciences
4. Moved back to Canada after living overseas in Switzerland for 2 1/2 years
5. Bought our first family home in Burlington
6. Left my business with USANA Health Sciences for another network marketing company
7. Wrote a book, 30 Days of Gratitude
8. Became an aunt, twice
9. Ran a French Cooking summer camp for kids, out of our apartment for two summers
10. Completed Ironman Switzerland
11. Lost 20 lb and kept it off til I got pregnant
12. Completed Ironman Arizona
13. Returned to my USANA business two years later and created exponential growth
14. Travelled to Salt Lake City 10 times
15. Wrote another book, 30 Day Whole Body Detox
16. Started a tutoring business
17. Said good-bye to my parents’ family home
18. Moved from Oakville to Burlington
19. Created and launched the 30 Day Whole Body Detox program, now in its 5th edition
20. Grew my first garden
21. Travelled to Vancouver 9 times
22. Healed my broken foot
23. Watched my tribe member advance in their businesses
24. Survived a life-threatening bacterial infection
25. Took up ballet
26. Cashed in my RRSP to keep my business afloat
27. Owned three cars
28. Returned to my Ironman weight just before my 40th birthday
29. Created thousands of new friendships, across the globe
30. Became more self-aware
31. Taught my daughter about gratitude and self-love
32. Kept four plants alive for more than 5 years
33. Found God
34. Met Jesus
35. Taught children about Jesus’ life, every week for almost 4 years
36. Still totally in love with my soulmate
37. Our family cat, Ollie, who filled the paws of my lifelong pal, Elmo
38. Travelled across Canada, The US and the Caribbean, plus one extra trip back to Switzerland
39. Learned to be grateful for the gift of every day
40. I made it here alive and have the opportunity to create my best life in the next decade

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