Summer already seems to be flying by so quickly! And before you know it, the kids will be back in school and we will all be back to our regular routines. It can be so easier to give up our gratitude habits when we’re on vacation or have a different daily schedule. Today’s post will share some strategies on how to feel more grateful in the summer. Instead of one gratitude tip today, you’re getting 7!

7 Ways to Feel Grateful in the Summer

  1. Vacation time! Most of us will take a least a week off in the summer, whether it be a staycation in the backyard or a trip to Europe, we’ve all got time away from our work, home or business. Sometimes it can be a challenge to be grateful for this time, as we may have wanted to take that trip to Europe but because of financial challenges, we are stuck at home instead. When we shift our focus on gratitude, even a short staycation can be amazing! Start with gratitude that you do have holidays to take. Many solopreneurs I know haven’t taken a vacation in years.

    Great Weather!

    Great Weather!

  2. The weather. Summer weather is unpredictable at best. And I find that we all tend to complain about it, whether it’s too cold or too hot, we’re not happy either way. Sounds like Goldilocks and the Three Bears if you ask me. In my area, we have had heat wave after heat wave and a major drought. My sister is on the west coast and it’s been a cool and rainy summer. Last year it was the opposite! Focus on what’s good about the weather today. We spent the day at Canada’s Wonderland yesterday, an amusement park just north of Toronto, and it was very hot and humid. We made the best of the day by finding lots of shade, drinking a lot of water and spending the hottest part of the day in the water park on site. It was a perfect weather day.
  3. Longer days. The extra hours of sunlight are truly something to be grateful for. We can spend our evenings outside in the backyard, by a campfire (not here, there’s a fire ban), or even down at a local park, catching Pokémon. There are so many wonderful ways to spend our evenings, take a moment to be grateful for the longer days right now as soon enough it will be dark by 5 pm and we’ll be longing for our evenings outside.
  4. A different schedule. For some of us, our summers look a lot different that the school year, especially if we have children in school. For others, the summer is pretty much the same if your kids are in full-time care if you are working outside of the home. A different summer schedule can be a source of anxiety for some people, as when our days are blank, it can be a cause of stress. And many people thrive on a full calendar. Finding gratitude in the space in our days is the key. Letting go of the need to constantly have every moment of the day scheduled or planned. So much happens when we leave space in our live – we allow for abundance and other positive things to fill that space.
  5. Take me out to the ball game!

    Take me out to the ball game!

    New activities. Since our days are longer and the weather is amazing, it’s a great time of year to try something new! Most of us are spoiled for choice when it comes to summer activities, so we can focus on gratitude for the opportunities that surround us. Our daughter started baseball this year for the first time (soft toss), I have friends who are trying rock climbing and others who are doing kangaroo power classes. I tried a new yoga class outside (lots of those around) and there are many different outdoor meditation classes too.

  6. Events and outdoor fairs. It seems like there is an event every day and some kind of outdoor fair, picnic, festival or parade every weekend of the summer. We can choose to be grateful for all of the options to connect with our community on a larger scale. Many festivals will cater to certain groups or ethnicities, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about different cultures as well. In Canada, we can most certainly be grateful that we have so many different cultures and lifestyles that are all celebrated in many different ways, more often in the summer.
  7. Summer produce. This post wouldn’t be complete without a nod to our local farmers. I am so incredibly grateful for the abundance of Farmer’s Markets in our area – and there seems to be more and more demand for markets everywhere! We have a relatively short growing season here so it’s important to buy local as much as possible during the few short months we can. Many local farmers may not be certified organic, however they use organic farming practices, all you have to do a ask. We can show our gratitude for their hard work and labour by purchasing products from our local markets as much as possible.

What else are you grateful for in the summer? Besides the ice cream truck of course!

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Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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