happy new yearHappy New Year! As the champagne glow of New Year’s Eve starts to fade, it’s evident that many of us are very happy to be closing the chapter on 2014, myself included. According to Doreen Virtue, “2015 (2+0+1+5) = 8 which in Angel Numbers equals: A year of infinite abundance and prosperity for you and everyone.” In honour of the number 8 – here’s my list of 8 Things To Leave Behind in 2014.

1. Anger: Let go of any anger you are holding on to toward someone else. We know that anger only hurts the one who is holding on to it, not the other person. So why burden yourself with that kind of negative energy to start a new year. Forgive the person (in your heart, doesn’t have be in person) and move on.

2. Time Wasters: As we get older, it seems like time is going by more and more quickly each year. That is our perception of course, but when we look at our children, we often say how they are growing up too fast. Make a commitment to leave behind the things that are stealing time from you. Reduce the number of activities you do. Learn to say no. Turn off the electronics and leave behind the screen. Our time here is so short – let’s make the most of it this year.

3. Diets and Quick Fixes: If one of your resolutions for 2015 is to achieve a healthy weight, the only way to accomplish and maintain it is through changing your lifestyle. You know it, I know it, we all know it, but it often seems easier to choose a quick fix rather than doing the work. Having worked with clients who want to lose weight for over 8 years, as well as totally transforming the way I eat and my family eats, I know firsthand that changing your habits is the ONLY solution that works.  Once you have made the decision to change, it’s much easier to accomplish your goals. If you need some support, I’m here for you.

4. Complaining Publicly: I get it, we’re all human and sometimes things don’t go our way and we complain about it. I am not exempt from this either, as my husband would tell you. Let’s make a pact to keep our complaints private, and not air our grievances on social media in 2015. Being authentic is one thing, complaining is another. Choose to be real and share with us how you’re getting through a tough time, instead of simply griping about it.

5. Comparison: “Comparison is the thief of Joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt. What is most important to you? Comparing yourself, your kids, your marriage, your job, your successes to others? Or to find joy and gratitude in every single day? There is no point in comparing, it simply leads to jealously and a feeling of being either less or more than someone else. Having spent years living in comparison, it’s a lot nicer to be on the other side. Next time you look at someone else’s status update or photos, instead of wondering how you measure up, fill your heart with love and simply be happy for them.

6. Being Busy: Enough is enough. Being busy is NOT a badge of honour. Life is not meant to be spent ‘being busy’! I am always surprised when people make comments about how busy I am and how do I get it all done. Trust me people, I am not busy. I spent lots of time simply hanging out with my daughter on the couch or playing outside at the park. What I have realized is that by being focused about my work and finding a blend and balance that works for me – I never actually feel too busy for anything. When we’re complaining about being too busy, it all comes down to the decisions we have made. Learning to say no, being more focused and discovering what is MOST important to us (and then doing that) is what will allow us to let go of the busy label. Telling someone they are so busy is not actually a compliment.

7. Lists and Goal Setting: What did just say? Leave behind my lists and goal setting? Am I serious? Yes, but not giving them up completely. Darren Hardy is one of my mentors, and I have lived by his simple goal setting rules for years. Each year, narrow your goals to three MAJOR goals that will allow you actually complete many of your smaller ones at the same time. Keep it simply and focused (helps you to avoid being busy!). Check out his new program, Darren Daily, where he explains this concept in a 4 minute YouTube video. As for lists, I love organizing my life with lists. My recommendation for 2015 is to keep your lists to a maximum of 3 – 5 items on a daily basis. Any more and you’ll never find the time to get it all done, and you’ll fall back into the ‘I’m too busy’ trap again.

8. Spreading Negativity: We now find that our number one source of news is social media feeds. We share stories of kidnappings, bombings, shootings in real time, which elevates the levels of fear and uncertainty in our world. Before you share an article or photo, ask yourself, how will this impact those who see it? Will they react with fear, hatred or sadness? If the answer is yes, don’t share it. I’m not talking about personal stories of struggle or loss where we are supporting one another and praying for people we know and love, having been through that myself recently, I am grateful for all who prayed and support me and my family during a very difficult time.

What I have seen from many of my friends on Facebook and Instagram in times of disaster or loss on a global scale is requests for prayers or love to be sent to those in need. The stories and details aren’t shared, we are simply asked to send our love and prayers. This is far more powerful than reading about all of the horrible details. The more love, gratitude and prayers we send out in the Universe, the less likelihood of negative news starts to drop. Will you be an ambassador for global peace and love in 2015? I am committed to doing my best along with all of you, and together will make a difference.

What else have you decided to leave behind in 2014? What are you most excited about in 2015?

Love, Julie xoxo

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