As some of you may know, I am active in my church community here in Burlington, ON. I attend a small French Catholic church and I teach Sunday school. I share my faith journey in 30 Days of Gratitude. I have now been teaching there for over a year and I love the opportunity to share 2013-06-23 12.14.21-1simple gratitude strategies with the students every week. As we are a very small church community, there is only one class and I see anywhere from 4 – 20 students, ages 3 – 13 at any given time. This past Sunday was our last lesson until September. I was very moved when one of the regular students shared with me that the one thing she had learned this year from our classes was to be grateful and give thanks. Amazing. I’ve impacted at least one youth!

It was also the last day for our priest, Père Ambroise. He will be moving to another French church in Hamilton. He has been wonderful to me and very accepting, as faith is very new to me and I still have much to learn. He has given me the opportunity to share my book with the church family. Over the past few weeks, I have sold over 20 copies to our church community and raised over $170 for 2013-06-23 12.17.17Père Ambroise to send back home to Congo, to the priests that he trained with. Many of them are elderly and are not able to care for themselves, and you can imagine what kind of care they have access to in Congo. I am very grateful for all I learned from him over the past few years.

I was also blessed to connect with one of the parents who bought my book, he and I had the opportunity to chat for a while after the service on Sunday and he shared that he has read many books in the self-help genre before but that this is the first time he’s found a book that really shows you what to do and makes it simple. I love it! He bought copies for his whole family as well.

My vision for this message is getting bigger every single day. I have just been asked to do a workshop in the fall for the Threads of Life Family Forum. I am certain that I will become a Hay House author as I build my series of 30 Days of Gratitude books and travel the world teaching the message of daily gratitude. I feel like it has all come together and that this is only the beginning of a beautiful next chapter in my life. Please join me in the celebration of the book and this next chapter on Wednesday July 3rd, at Paradiso Restaurant in Burlington. Tickets can be purchased here.

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