A Change in Tradition Can Be a Good Thing

Both sets of grand-parents watching the opening of presents

Both sets of grand-parents watching the opening of presents

We all have our holiday traditions and often we repeat them year after year without really paying attention to whether they are serving us. As you navigate through all of the different occasions this week, ask yourself this important question – is this tradition serving me?

Gratitude Tip: Are you open to change over the holiday season? What new traditions could you start with your family? Are there traditions you forgot and would like to start again. It’s also a great time to start a gratitude tradition. Give a gratitude journal as a hostess gift and encourage living daily gratitude where ever you go.

My vegetarian Christmas dinner

My vegetarian Christmas dinner

We enjoyed a different tradition yesterday with our families. My in-laws came up from Welland and my parents joined us on Skype. We opened presents for Céline with both sets of grand-parents watching and participating. After that, we had our first Christmas dinner (that Dan & I prepared) here in our new home. No turkey however, but an organic roasted chicken, accompanied by roasted Brussels sprouts, green beans with almonds, mashed potatoes (my first time making them!) and mushroom gravy from Oh She Glows. The meal was delicious and we enjoyed a few Kelly’s Bake Shoppe desserts to finish off.

Julie hiding behind the monkey - Celine took the photo

Julie hiding behind the monkey – Celine took the photo

Driving around to look at Christmas lights is a tradition from my family that I love. This year, since the weather was quite mild, we were able to park and enjoy the Festival of Lights at Spencer Smith Park. It’s really quite beautiful to walk around there. Céline had a blast taking photos with my compact digital camera. Reminds me of when I was very young and had a Kodak Disc camera. It was something really wonderful to share with my in-laws.

I loved our early Christmas day, and I know that many of you did the same this weekend. We may not always be able to be together on the 24th or 25th so creating new traditions is sometimes the best way to celebrate.

How did you spend your last weekend before Christmas? What new family traditions are you starting this year?

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