Sharing the stage with Dr. Karen Wolfe, Aug 2015

Sharing the stage with Dr. Karen Wolfe, Aug 2015

No time to rest just yet….after completing a massive team goal on Friday afternoon, we all got some much needed sleep and woke up early again on Saturday morning to attend our monthly Lifestyle and Leadership Masterclass. This month’s theme was the launch of USANA’s new MySmartFoods line with our incredible guest speaker, Dr. Karen Wolfe, an Australian physician who currently lives in California. And guess who had the absolutely amazing opportunity to be the host for the event? When I heard Karen would be our guest speaker, I requested to be the host so that I would have the chance to introduce her, as Karen and I shared the stage together at International Convention last year.

Gratitude Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. When you ask, do it with a grateful and open heart and you never know what the answer might be. Initially, another member of our team was the host for this event, but unfortunately she was already scheduled to be out of town for another event. This gave me the opportunity to step in an host, which was truly an amazing gift. 

The event was jam packed with fantastic speakers and a lot of great information. And we were absolutely FULL to the brim! The room was packed with close to 700+ people and we had a LIVE stream of the event, so there were people watching from all over North America during the training sections with Dr. Karen Wolfe.

Photo credit Lindsay Schwab

Photo credit Lindsay Schwab

Our first speaker, Lavender Morantz, shared her USANA lifestyle and how her life has completely changed for the better since she joined our USANA tribe 5 years ago. Lavender is a single mom of two beautiful girls and she runs a successful design firm called Swank Pad AND a successful USANA business. She radiates health and joy everywhere she goes, and even though her journey hasn’t been easy (she’s a cancer survivor), she is a #noexcuses woman who truly embodies that USANA lifestyle.

April Rutka is an entrepreneur with USANA and the co-founder of Holiday Helpers Canada with her sister Sarah Rutka. She spoke about how to create an income that is not dependent on your time and how partnering with USANA could actually be the key to your dreams. Her and her sister are both very successful USANA associates, and since they have both left their corporate jobs to build their USANA businesses, they have been able to dedicate much more time to their passion – giving low income families in Toronto the Christmas they deserve. This year they will be helping at least 500 families to have a Christmas that they could not otherwise have!! What I love about April & Sarah is that they have used USANA as a vehicle to fuel their not-for-profit passion,

Our keynote speaker Dr. Karen Wolfe, actually spoke a three different times during the event. What most people were most excited about was the keynote presentation on the launch of USANA’s new MySmartFoods (YouTube video). The products will be available in Canada and the US after May 16th and those who ordered at the live Canadian events will have their orders shipped first (wink, wink) so if you want to try these amazing products, you’ll want to connect with your local USANA distributor for first dibs on tasting! Stay tuned for my local tasting events too.

2016-04-23 13.17.36The biggest question on a lot of people’s mind is why is USANA replacing the Nutrimeal Product line? Dr. Wolfe had a great answer to this – USANA can stay with the status quo (which does not appeal to Dr. Wentz the founder AT ALL) or make a BIG change and be on the cutting edge of nutrition with a drastic change in our food line. Let’s start with the MySmartShake, the biggest change for most people.


5 Fast Fasts about MySmartShake

1.Gluten free; not bio-engineered (all products are NON GMO certified, yes especially the Soy base). Gluten free so that customers who are gluten sensitive can choose to eat them (yipee)!

2. Low Glycemic impact and no added sugars. This products has such a low net carbs (4 g) that the glycemic index cannot be measure because the impact on blood sugar is so low. And yes, no added sugars, it’s sweetened with a little bit of stevia.

3. 8 grams of fibre in 2 scoops (that is the serving size on the package). That’s a lot of fibre is 39g of product! And you can add extra fibre from the Fibergy product as well. Since 97% of North Americans don’t even get 10 g of a fibre a day, this is truly a revolution for breakfast.

4. 18 g of protein in 2 scoops – again in a 39 g serving size. That’s a lot of quality protein – and you choose your source: Non-GMO Soy, New Zealand Whey or Plant (potato & pea protein).

5. Beneficial fats from coconut oil. Google benefits of coconut oil. And you’ll understand why Dr. Wentz wanted to include it in these products. Each serving has 4 g of healthy saturated fat from coconut oil.

Are you as excited as I am?

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