Just in the nick of time for #ThankfulThursday! No video this week but I have some amazing content I’d like to share with you. And it’s not mine :-). I had the pleasure of virtually connecting with Natalie MacNeil, founder of She Takes on the World a few days ago during her a-maz-ing Limitless 2014 live event! This live event, featuring Natalie as the host, included a fabulous line up of guests, such as Danielle Laporte and Gabby Bernstein. I also met some new great women, Terri Cole, Jaime Tardy, and Christine Hassler. What I also loved about this event is that we had a twitter chat going on at the same time, so I had the chance to meet new virtual friends as well!

Having never heard Natalie speak before, I felt an immediate connection with her as she started out the evening by talking about gratitude. She shared with us her recent blog post about unusual things to be grateful for, such as red lights and missed flights. Check it out for yourself, it’s a great read! I really loved the different perspective on gratitude, it’s truly about finding gratitude in the things that may frustrate us or annoy us in our lives. I find that one of my challenges is to find gratitude in relationships that aren’t going well or when I’ve had a conflict with someone. Of course, in the end, all of these situations are mearly a reflection of who we are on the inside, showing up in other people, so there is always something to learn about ourselves.

If you missed the event and would like to catch the recording, check out the video below. It’s the full two hour event so snuggle up with a cup of tea and take some notes. Feel free to join in on the conversation on Twitter, using #limitless2014.

After you’ve watched it, let me know if you’ll be joining us for the burning ceremony on New Year’s Eve. I’ll be using my real wood fireplace to burn paper and release what no longer serves me from 2013!!!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Jolly Good Festivus!! JulieB

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