Congratulations Amy!Today is Friday April 22nd. It’s also Earth Day. And it’s also a day filled with celebrations!! I am so excited to announce that my business partner and close friend Amy Ballantyne has advance to the first leadership level in USANA, Gold Director!! In order for Amy and her team to achieve this goal, she had to create a minimum of $1000 USD in commissions in her business for 4 weeks straight, closing her business on Friday night and starting again the following Saturday morning*. I am incredibly proud of Amy and her team, and for finishing early this week!!

Gratitude Tip: Watching someone else achieve their goals is absolutely an amazing feeling. Where in your life can you support others to achieve their goals and dreams? I am grateful to have this opportunity every single day. If you find yourself feeling jealous when someone else achieves their goal, or wonder why not me? take a moment to step back and give thanks for where you are in your journey right now. And know that you are always exactly where you should be at any given moment in time. 

The best news is that if you don’t like where you are right now or where you are currently headed, you can change it! As Jim Rohn would say, ‘You’re not a tree!’ We are giving the freedom of choice and the freedom to change the trajectory of our lives every single day. There is nothing stopping you except your own thoughts and fears. Watching Amy and her tribe overcome their fears and manifest this goal with such amazing grace and ease has been phenomenal! I am truly grateful to have been able to watch them succeed!

Today is also Earth Day, one of my favorite days of the year. I have been participating in Earth Day since I was in high school! I remember going to an Earth Day march in Toronto when I was in grade 11 or 12 – so this was in 1992-93. Did you know that Earth Day started in 1970? Neither did I till I looked it up. Over the past few years, I have shared messages about how we can show gratitude for our planet today.

Give thanks for the sun, our star that is just the right distance away to allow for life to exist on our planet.

Give thanks for the moon, our satellite that controls our tides and shines brightly in our night sky.

Give thanks for the clouds and the rain, that nourish our plants and moisten the soil and refill our lakes, rivers and oceans.

Give thanks for the wind that changes our weather and moves seeds around, that carries the birds and the butterflies too.

Give thanks for the plants, our unfailing and unlimited source of oxygen to keep us alive and provides food for our bodies to nourish our cells.

Give thanks to God for all things, all life and all of the incredible mysteries of our universe.

Happy Earth Day everyone!! And stay tuned for another exciting announcement today on Facebook (and you’ll be able to read about it on the blog too).

*Income disclaimer

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