Over the last few weeks, my family has been in town for a visit. We are very spread out, I live here 2013-07-02 19.26.01in Ontario, my sister in Vancouver and my parents in Mexico. We get together as a family a couple of times a year, and it’s usually for a week or more at time – so it can be pretty intense. During this most recent visit we celebrated many occasions, include the live launch of 30 Days of Gratitude, my father’s 70th birthday and my sister’s birthday as well. What I learned from these past few weeks is that habits – good or bad – are very difficult to change, especially in times of stress (positive or negative).

I was certain that with all of the work I have been doing on gratitude that during this visit, we would avoid family conflict. What I realized is that our families (parents, siblings) tend to bring out some of our most challenge habits and ways of reacting, because these habits were created as we were growing up.  As I learned at the Hay House I Can Do It! event a few weeks ago, from Bruce Lipton, PhD is that only 5% of our day is lived from our conscious mind and the 95% of the time we are living from our subconscious programs that we don’t even see!! His new book, The Honeymoon Effect, talks about when we live in this ‘honeymoon state’ that we now live 90% in the conscious mind – the subconscious tapes stop playing! And these tapes were all created before we were even 6 years old!!!

I have never been more aware of living from my subconscious as I was over the past few weeks. I’m not sure that I live 95% of the time from my subconscious but certainly still often enough that my bad habits or negative programs can resurface with a vengeance.  What I have found is that now, I am very aware when a program has taken hold. Some of the lessons I learned from these past few weeks are that sometimes I also need to be reminded to be grateful, and that even when my life schedule is ‘disrupted’ that it’s super important to continue with my healthy lifestyle habits. Many of these were not done during their visit. One habit that I continued was my evening gratitude, likely because this is the one that is the most engrained.

What about you? Do you find that you retreat to old patterns and habits when you are with your family? How about when you are really tired or hungry? Share in the comments, if you’re up for it! Stay tuned, next blog I’ll be talking about how to break patterns and habits.


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