A new coat & a lesson in abundance, julie boyer, the grateful entrepreuneurEver think you’ve got something all figured out and then BOOM, the lesson happens all over again? I was pretty confident in my abundance mentality, I’ve got the affirmations solid in my subconscious, I look for abundance everywhere I go – and yesterday, I found myself looking at things from a place of LACK.

Gratitude Tip: Be open to the lessons that show up in your day. Pay attention to moments where you feel anxious or out of alignment. These can be very powerful teachers. And when you are ‘schooled’ give thanks for the lesson and the opportunity to learn and grow.


Here’s what happened. For my 40th birthday, my friends gave me a $200 gift card to Lululemon, a Canadian company that sells high end fitness, workout and athletic wear. I ‘proudly’ do not own a single item of clothing from that brand. I say it that way as I felt I didn’t want to fall into the trap of needing to own a pair of Lululemon yoga pants which cost $100. I’m happy with my Costco brand at $19.98 each (and they do last about 3 years!). It was a very kind and generous gift that my friends had come together to offer me. It’s been just over a month since the party and I still hadn’t gone to the mall to shop.

Walking into the store, I immediately felt uncomfortable. I felt like everything was super expensive. I didn’t even look around, I just went to the yoga pants and grabbed a few in my size to try. My husband Dan and daughter were with me, as I had asked them to come along for support. Yes, I felt I needed support to shop at Lulu. Now I realize this all sounds pretty funny from the outside, but it gave me anxiety to go and shop there – even with a very generous gift card! I was looking at a few tops and I said to Dan, this place gives me anxiety because everything is so expensive.

However, I did find a small sales rack, and on it were a few long winter coats. I was interested because I have needed a new winter coat for about 3 years but have not been able to find one long enough or warm enough to replace mine that was falling apart. Ironically, my daughter has needed a new coat since December and she was also resisting replacing hers (I quickly realized that if I didn’t get a new coat, she wouldn’t either). I found a nice long black coat that I liked and that fit me well. Interestingly, it was marked down to $198. After several minutes of indecision, I finally decided to take it and never even tried on the pants. I felt guilty because I had imagined (made up a story) that my friends gave me the gift card to get yoga pants. Even though what I truly needed was the coat.

When I went to pay, the sales clerk told me that these coats had been marked down that day! To the exact amount that I had on my gift card. I knew at that point that I was meant to get the coat and felt much better about the purchase. We walked around the mall and found a super adorable coat for my daughter at the Gap and she was immediately thrilled to wear it.

In the car on the way home, my husband said to me, I think you should really watch what you say when you’re shopping. By telling the Universe that everything is too expensive, you’re basically saying you don’t want to more income. He pretty much quoted Jim Rohn to me:

“I used to say, “Things cost too much.” Then my teacher straightened me out on that by saying, “The problem isn’t that things cost too much. The problem is that you can’t afford it.” That’s when I finally understood that the problem wasn’t “it” – the problem was “me.”” — Jim Rohn 

Well there you go. Lesson taken and learned (again). Ouch! I had no idea I had this old programming still going on. What an amazing lesson and gift. Yes, the gift of a Lululemon gift card turned into an amazing life lesson for me. Lessons show up in the strangest of places sometimes and it’s up to us to pay attention to them and learn. Thanks Dan for setting me straight!

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