A Poem To My Unborn Daughter

My beautiful daughter,

You live inside me,

Growing, stretching, learning

A miracle of life and love.

When I was younger,

I dreamt of you.

My heart already knew you

Before you were even made.

The moment came and

You were finally created,

And I loved you in an instant.

I can protect you,

Keep you safe from the world,

Feed you and nourish you

Talk to you and teach you

Safe in my womb.

You have my full attention,

I always know you’re there

Feeling your movements,

Your reactions and interactions

Reassure me you’re well.

This special time is very short

For soon enough

You’ll be in my arms.

Will I be able to protect you?

Let you take risks,

Yet keep you safe?

The miracle is not simply

You growing inside me,

The miracle is that I will

Give you room to grow,

Once you’ve entered our world.

My beautiful daughter,

You’ve changed our lives

In such wonderful ways

I am blessed that you’ve

Chosen me to be your mom!

Julie Boyer, July 7th, 2010

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