Last year, one of my good friends, Pat Birnie, did the 28 Day Total Body Detox. She shares her very powerful testimonial with us here. Ready to give it a go? There’s still time to start with us on April 22. You can also choose your own start date within the next 4 weeks, as spring is the best time for a detox.  New detox guides will be ready on Monday April 15th (we sold out of the first 200!!).

I did the 28 Day Detox in spring of 2012. After I was introduced to the potential benefits and value of detoxing my liver, I was excited about the Pat & Julie prospect and actually looked forward to the 28 days! weird…I know. I had no idea how life-changing it would be. I made the decision not only to eliminate all liver-loaders such as alcohol, caffeine, trans-fats, processed foods as well as introduce the supplements such as Hepa & Probiotic that I was not currently taking (I am already on Essentials, Proflavanol C, BiOmega) but also chose to eliminate wheat, gluten & dairy. This was a big step, but I am a severe chronic asthmatic and as I had been allergic to wheat and dairy as a very young child I guessed that my body still is somewhat allergic to those foods. My asthma has been well managed but for the past 30 years or so I have been on an extremely high dose of inhaled steroids plus another oral pill (Singulaire) daily, to allow me to live an active lifestyle. I knew the importance of eliminating inflammation in your body and my goal was to decrease my inhaled steroids. So…28 days of detoxing later, I not only felt amazing, but brought my inhaled steroids by 50% down (did this one dose at a time over a 3 months period to ensure no sudden problems). A few months later I eliminated my daily dose of Singulaire — and I have had zero increase in asthma symptoms. I think this happened for a combination of reasons – first by detoxing my liver I have enabled my body to better metabolize the lower dose of medications I take and be more efficient; I believe I also reduced inflammation in my body by eliminating wheat & dairy for 28 days. I have been consuming those foods as I’m not quite ready to give them up completely (I love cheese!). As soon as I return from vacation I’ll be starting another 28 day detox and am excited to try decreasing my inhaled steroids by another dose. Who knows — this time I may be able to stop completely! The impact is huge – I have always accepted that these drugs were necessary to breath, but wondered what the long-term effects might be. Needless to say I am very excited about the amazing results and the benefit on my body both short & long-term! – Pat Birnie



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