A Recipe for Simple Gratitude – By Julie Boyer

Ingredients for a grateful day:

Wake up and give thanks,

You’ve been given the gift of another day.

Give thanks for the roof over your head,

Many slept without cover.

Give thanks for the food in your belly,

Many bellies were empty.

Give thanks for the money in your wallet,

Many wallets are bare.

Give thanks for the clothes on your back,

Many have no change of clothes.

Give thanks for the electricity that flows,

Many do not have plugs.

Give thanks for the water to drink,

Many walk for miles for potable water.

Give thanks for the love that surrounds you,

Many are alone and feel unloved.

Give thanks for heart that beats in your chest,

Many hearts stopped beating overnight.

Give thanks for the opportunity to be of service,

Many people are in need of your gifts.

Carefully mix together all of these blessings,

And breathe in love, gratitude and joy.

Together these gifts of gratitude,

Will blend into your best day ever.


Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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