As the new year draws closer, it’s time to reflect on the past year.  Taking a look at our successes and challenges from the year can teach us many things and help us to create a different outcome in the coming year. Sometimes it’s much easier to dwell on the negative things and the disappointments from the year before and my suggestion is to acknowledge these as well but to release them to truly give you a fresh, clean start to 2014.

Here are a few fun and easy ways to release the negative from the past year:

  • Journal about the year, month by month and allow yourself to feel the emotions that are brought up with each journal entry. After you’ve written about a negative experience, take a look at it again and write about how this experience has changed your life and what you have learned from it
  • Take small note cards or pieces of paper and write a word, name or a short sentence about campfiresomething you’d like to leave behind in 2013. For example: My negative body talk. Fear. Expectations. My unhealthy relationship with ____________, My addiction to ___________. In a safe place (fireplace, fire pit or properly contained outdoor fire) burn each of the cards, one by one, and watch as the ashes rise into the sky (or chimney).
  • Or simply decide that once you’ve shouted “Happy New Year” that 2013 is closed for good and cannot be re-opened.

This past year was full of life changes and challenges for me and my family. Some that I have shared and many that I have not. I also have many things I’d like to release going into to 2014 and I am ready for an AMAZING experience in 2014. Knowing that I create my life and my experiences it very powerful and exciting at the same time! I’ve made a choice to live my best life ever, all built on a solid foundation of gratitude. You with me?

happy new year

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