A Sense of Order

I have been reading many of the posts from the Becoming Minimalist blog over the past few weeks. Joshua Becker has some great ideas on how to make life simpler. I am in the process of applying many of the concepts in my own life. I have always said that it’s important to create space in our lives in order to allow abundance to flow in. Not only physical space, by reducing the amount of stuff that we own, but also mental space, by having gaps in our calendar and not scheduling every single moment of every day.

Gratitude Tip: Creating space in your life makes it easier for you to be grateful for what you already have. By organizing and reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ in your home and office, gratitude flows and more abundance will be attracted to you.


My sister will attest to this, I have a very compact wardrobe. I have a dresser and about half a closet of clothing, plus a few seasonal items (winter coat etc). I pretty much wear the same thing every day (my mom outfit) and have a few outfits for business meetings and other special occasions. This is something I have been practicing for a long time. It’s much easier to get dressed in the morning when you have fewer choices to make and you know that everything in your closet fits you.

A few of our recent projects include cleaning out the basement and reducing what we are storing, partly because we are planning to spend a sabbatical year in France (Sept 2016) and partly because we are making space to finish our basement. I have also been working on one small space at a time, because it’s easier and more achievable. The number of items we have sold keeps growing and our giveaway pile is the biggest I have seen since we moved over three years ago.

We are also making a commitment to clean up our dishes after each meal. After reading this blog post about not having a dishwasher (we don’t) I decided to see if it would work for us. And it does! It’s so much easier to prep the next meal when you’re not worried about counter space being used up by dirty dishes.

All of these little changes over the past three months have made a difference. Our home feels more light and spacious! And there is such a wonderful energy in our spaces. I highly encourage you to pick one small space in your home to start with on this long weekend and begin your journey to owning less.

A shout out to my parents, who have becoming experts at living with less, as they spend about  6 months a year living in their 25 foot trailer home, travelling across Canada and the US.

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