This week has been amazing! I’ve been doing the 5 day RESET plan, as the kick off to the 30 Days  to Optimal Health program this month and I’m feeling great.  I’ve already lost a few pounds but more noticeably, my waistline is thinner!! I have to say that even though I have been coaching people on this program for years and seen great results with so many clients but it’s different when you’re the client and the instructor.  This is the first time in my life I have ever struggled with my weight, when I lost over 25 lb in 2006, it wasn’t because I had weight struggles – it was simply a fantastic side effect of my new healthy lifestyle (yeah!).

A good friend of mine who has 3 kids warned me how difficult it would be to eliminate the carb cravings after I had my daughter. I also never thought I would put on 45 lb during my pregnancy – it was a bit of a relief in the weight department that she came early. I developed some bad habits and a few chocolate addictions during and after the pregnancy. And having a fall baby means most of your exercise in the winter has to be done inside, and mall walking wasn’t doing it for me. I naively thought that it wouldn’t be too difficult to lose the weight after.  And for some women, it’s not a struggle at all.  I believe that for the majority though, it is.

I was inspired to put together the 30 Days to Optimal Health program by my good friend Leanne, founder of Healthy Girl. And being a participant in this first session will not only help me to lose the last 15 lb but it also allows me to be inspired by the other program participants.  I’ve been inspired by a husband and wife team who are doing the program together, committed to changing their lifestyle for the rest of their lives and giving themselves and their son a better chance at optimal health. I’m inspired by my husband, whose daddy tummy has gone down already and is looking fitter every day.  I’m inspired by my sister-in-law who has dropped 7 lb already. I’m inspired by those who are making changes and feeling great!

One of the things many of us have noticed while doing the plan is that we eat way more than we need to, in order to feel full. After the hunger pangs of the first day, by the second day, I was amazing at how the shakes, bars and fruits and veggies were filling me up.  And drinking lots and lots of water plus lots of fibre – well you do the math. I love becoming more in tune with my body again and feeling great about it!

I’ll be posting a photo this weekend, so stay tuned for the results.  And by popular demand, I will be starting another session on June 9th, with the program starting Monday June 13th.  There are 9 spots left, here are the details.

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