A Step by Step Guide to Get to Convention 2016

You know that attending Convention is a non-negotiable if you want to build a business and create an amazing residual income with USANA. So here’s a step by step guide on how to get there. Do one step at a time and it will seem much more manageable.

1. Purchase your Convention ticket. If you enrolled within the year, you either have a full pass (Entrepreneur or Professional pack) or 1/2 pass (250 points or Basic Pack). Sometimes people will have Early bird passes to sell as well, so post on the Game Changers team if you need a pass.

2. Confirm the time off work, if needed. Dates including travel days: Aug 23 – 28th. Get someone to cover your shifts. As for unpaid leave if you have to go. Explain that you are attending a personal development seminar that will make you an even better employee when you return. Have you seen the line up? It’s easy to make the case for personal development when you’ve got a line up this powerful!

3. Arrange for child care, if needed. Recruit your spouse, friends and family. Without help? If you kids are older, it can be arranged to bring  them with you.

4. Book your hotel room. Best to do so through the USANA HUB – Contests & Events, International Convention, Hotel Information. Need a roomie? Connect with fellow Game Changers on the Facebook page. Look over our list of local hotels and get the best suite in the house at our special discounted rate.

5. Book your flight. Having attended 9 times prior, I have learned that it’s so much nicer to arrive the day before (Tuesday) and leave on Sunday morning (I cannot do a red eye on Saturday!).  The event starts on Wednesday afternoon, which leave Wed am for home office tours and registration and shopping! There are also products that sell out on the first day in the USANA store. There are limited airfare discounts on the HUB.

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Julie with Dave Wentz at the Game Changers party 2015

6. Get your ticket for the Game Changers party on the Friday night! Party with our International family and get a chance to meet the USANA Corporate team (including our Co-CEOs, Dave Wentz and Kevin Guest) up close and personal, as they always stop by. Purchase tickets HERE! **This event ALWAYS sells out and there will NOT be tickets sold on site – ticket sales will close the Friday before Convention (no exceptions).**

So what are you waiting for?


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