After two weeks of vacation/business trip – I’m back at home and excited to have the chance to connect with all of you again. I love this time of year! Holidays, vacations, Convention – life is GREAT.  When you’ve been away for a while, it can be a challenge to get back into a routine of good habits (which may have slipped while you were away).  Here are a few ideas that can be done on a Sunday afternoon or evening to start your week of successfully:

  1. Plan your meals and do your prep work.  This includes chopping veggies, cooking meat, hard-boiling eggs, preparing quinoa or brown rice for example. Store items in clear glass containers and meals for the rest of the week are much easier! This makes is simple to get back on track with healthy eating.
  2. Plan your week for business or work. Set 3 goals for what you’d like to accomplish that week.  Write them down and share them with someone to keep you accountable. You’re much more likely to finish that report or prospect new customers if you are being held accountable.
  3. Practice gratitude.  Write 2-3 gratitude cards to people in your life who may not know how much you appreciate them. From you children’s caregiver, to your massage therapist or even managers and co-workers at the office  – everyone appreciates being appreciated!  Nothing better than a handwritten card!

Even if you only do one of these on Sunday, your week will be more successful than the last. Are you already doing these? Which one would be the easiest for you to start with? For me, #2 is easiest and I plan on spending more time on #3 for the next month or so.

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