As we move into Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, more and more people are sharing an attitude of gratitude. It’s my favorite time of the year and it stretches for almost two months until after American Thanksgiving. There is always so much to give thanks for and my vision is that by sharing these gratitude blog posts, I am inspiring you to live daily gratitude – even when it’s not Thanksgiving season.

Gratitude Tip: Use the momentum and feeling of this Thanksgiving weekend to set the tone for the rest of the holiday season and beyond. It’s easy to be grateful when everyone around us is in a grateful mood, so now is also a great time to start or continue your gratitude habits. 

Before I get into the post today, I would ask that we all say a few prayers and send love, light and monetary donations to help all of those who are affected by Hurricane Matthew. This storm is so destructive and so massive that it’s hard to comprehend all of the damage that it has and is causing.

Simple Gratitudes – by Julie Boyer

The light that shines when you flip a switch,

The machine that sews to fix a stitch.

The motor that whirls when you want to blend,

The sun that sets for every days’ end.

The water that flows, so pure and clear,

The candles we light to toast another year.

The plants and trees that keep us alive,

The bees that buzz and live in their hive.

The moon that lights our evening sky,

The rousing sounds of a baby’s cry.

The love we feel from a stranger’s hug,

The worn out threads on a simple prayer rug.

The shoes that protect our toes and feet,

The fridge that is full of food to eat.

Our heart that beats within our chest,

The blood that flows without any rest.

The car that carries us from A to B,

The privilege of living in a country that’s free.

The list of things we can be grateful for

Is never ending and will always be more.

We’re blessed to live in an incredible time,

Let’s give thanks for our journey, especially the climb.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’d love to invite you to invest your time this Saturday, as I’ll be speaking at the Lifestyle & Leadership Masterclass in Toronto at the Westin Harbour Castle, on Gratitude & Leadership. I am one of the keynote speakers with Christa Realba, another leader in USANA who is a personal friend and mentor, and she will be speaking on how to build your business using social media – she is an EXPERT in this field! I’d love to see you there – please message me for a free guest ticket.


Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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