A Very Powerful Saturday In December

Selfie from the stage with Dr. Brian Dixon

Selfie from the stage with Dr. Brian Dixon

Wow! Yesterday was our biggest live event in Toronto in 2015! Our 7 Figure Masterclass was partnered with USANA Canada for the UWellness Tour at the Westin Harbour Castle downtown. This was our fourth event since September and the largest crowd we have seen yet – in fact it was so well attended that we had to open the dividers in the ballroom and move into the last third of the room – total capacity of the room is 700, we were somewhere between 550-600 attendees!

Gratitude Tip: When you have a large group of likely minded people gather together to learn and to be inspired, that is where change begins. As one person in the crowd, you may not feel as though you can make a difference. If everyone who attended shared what they learned about wellness, leadership and creating a freedom lifestyle, we would impact another 500+ people. That’s making a difference! 

The biggest draw for the event was our keynote speaker, Dr. Brian Dixon, who is the Executive Director of Health Sciences and Education for USANA in Salt Lake City. Dr. Dixon has been travelling across the globe sharing two important keynote speeches over the last month. His first  talk was about the case for supplementation and why it’s essential for optimal health. He explained it using scientific data, in terms that we could all understand, whether or not we had a background in science or health.

One of the key things that he shared was the RDAs (recommended daily allowance) that you see on the ingredients lists are the bare minimum required (based on science) to support satisfactory growth & development. He compared having RDA nutrient levels to having a poverty level income. Yes, you can survive just above the poverty line, but you’re certainly not going to thrive! This is a key difference between USANA supplements and the majority of what is sold on the market today. RDAs are not enough for optimal health.

canada is overweightHis second talk was a bit more direct. He was clear that Canada is also FAT. Not just the US as we accuse our neighbours to the south of having weight issues but not us!! When he shared the stats by province of how many overweight and obese Canadians there are, it wasn’t a pretty picture! In Ontario alone, 53% of the population falls into this category. The only province under 50%? You guessed it – British Columbia. I’ll be sharing more about what he spoke about when it comes to diet and weight loss at the Get Your Healthy Back for the Holidays seminar this Wednesday evening in Burlington. He also shared some great solutions to creating last weight loss and lifestyle changes, which is what we have all been preaching for the past decade.

Our first ever health panel!

Our first ever health panel!

What I loved most about this event is whether or not you were there just to learn or whether you’re seriously looking at joining our USANA family, there was tremendous VALUE for everyone. April Rutck & Ricardo Coutu shared their lifestyle & freedom story. Thanks to the freedom April has created in her life, she spends the holiday season working with the charity she founded with her sister, Holiday Helpers, helping families who would otherwise not be able to have a Christmas. We also had a health panel, where Pat Birnie, Shelly Boudah and Tracy Madill shared with us some very personal health stories and how their USANA regime and lifestyle changes have allowed them to lose weight, reduce the symptoms of asthma and no longer suffer from migraines. And finally, Elisa Graci, shared the important of creating an income stream that is not dependent on your time and that allows you the freedom to do what you LOVE. Elisa has inspired a team of thousands herself and is one of the top income earners in Canada. She walks her talk and is headed to the top in a few short months.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to our Leadership Team and the team at USANA corporate for all of the work that went into creating this very successful event. I am truly blessed and grateful to work with the best in the industry.

Missed this one? Not to worry, we’ll be hosting our next event on Saturday Jan 23rd, at the Westin Harbour Castle. This time we’re extending the afternoon portion til 3 pm as we have 3 incredible keynote speakers coming in from out of town. Stay tuned for tickets!

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