Many of you probably understand the challenge of losing the weight gained during pregnancy (some of you guys fall into this category too!).  I’ve been sharing my journey to achieving my pre-baby body weight (and then we’ll work on pre-baby body!) with you and so far, I’ve lost 30 lb – the last 15 lb using the Slow Carb Plan. And I do really enjoy the Slow Carb approach, especially the Binge Day on Saturday. Yet I feel as though I have hit a plateau with the plan, and there are many possible reasons for that. The exercise prescribed in the plan is minimal,  but unfortunately not appropriate for me especially with my recurring toe injury. So, my exercise has been limited to walking at a good pace (still not very fast due to the toe). Also, I’ve never followed the plan 100% to the letter, which could also be part of it.  I am very happy to have come this far though, and I’m grateful that Tim Ferris designed the plan. And I still highly recommend the book, The 4-Hour Body, because it’s not just about the diet plan.

So where do I go from here? Well, back to what I know best – The Healthy Lifestyle Triad:

  • Low Glycemic eating
  • Optimum Supplementation
  • Moderate, regular exercise

This is how I went from  a size 10, Medium to a size 6, small several years ago. You can read my story here. Check out the before and after photos:

Now, this time I don’t plan on training for an Ironman just yet. In fact, when I did lose most of the weight I was only doing moderate exercise, the Ironman training came later and that’s what helped to tone my body.

Here’s the plan:

Starting Monday May 30th, I will do the 5-Day RESET program, which will allow me to lose approx. 5 lb, kick the carb cravings (by by chocolate cravings!) and reset my system. From Saturday June 4th on, I will be focusing on the Maintenance phase of the RESET program, which will include a low glycemic Nutrimeal shake for breakfast, healthy low glycemic lunch and dinner and 2 healthy snacks. Until I achieve my goal weight, I will still be limiting the amount of whole grains (i.e. brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole grain breads).

For those who would like to join me, I will be doing a 30 Days to Optimal Health program, starting with a coaching call on Wednesday May 25th. All of the coaching during the program will be included with any product purchase. This program is how I lost 30 lb in the fall and winter of 2006.  And kept it off until I became pregnant in Jan 2010.  Email me if you’d like to find out more:

Also, for those in the Toronto Area, Dr. Ray Strand, who is an expert in Nutritional Medicine and has written several books including Healthy For Life (a guide to Low Glycemic eating) will be speaking on Thursday May 26th, along with Denis Waitley, who was featured in the movie The Secret and has worked with Olympic athletes and Apollo astronauts on mental training and visualization.  This event will be both informative and inspiring. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased by clicking here.

So – who’s in? It’s always more fun to do this with a team.

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