Here’s where I stand.  It’s not exactly where I wanted to be, but I value honesty and I am guessing you do as well.  So, after week 1 of the lifestyle change, I am now at 141.6 – which is a 1.2 lb gain.  Ouch!  If you missed the intro to my first goal of 2010, take a peek here.  Dan is doing much better than I am, he has lost 2 lb.  And he played a lot of volleyball this week too – which is great because he loves it.

Let’s take a look at the great things I did this week, and the things I could do better.  I am open to suggestions and ideas, although I’m not into doing anything extreme since I have given myself 12 weeks to make the changes, I want to do it gradually.

First my exercise schedule:

  • Monday and Friday, whittle my middle and 1 legged push-ups. Did this and am now at 2 sets of 13 push-ups. Plus extra wmm on Sunday.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – morning workout (walk, gym, bike trainer or maybe even swimming) plus wmm and push-ups. Also did this – biking Tuesday and walking Wed & Thurs.
  • Saturday hiking or gym with Dan, and wmm & push-ups – Long 4 hour hike, which was actually a bit too much for me.  Although I recovered quickly, which is good.
  • Sunday volleyball (2 hours) – For those of the female gender, you will understand this – certain times of the month bring a certain amount of pain for a few days.  I only made through 1 hour of volleyball last night.

From an exercise stand point, things are looking to be on track, based on my criteria for weekly exercise.  I am going to keep this schedule for another 3 weeks and gradually increase my time for exercise during the week, as well as the reps for WMM.

Let’s look at eating habit changes:

  • smaller portions and more mindful eating (taking my time and chewing more slowly) – Yes for the beginning of the week, no as we got to the weekend.
  • more variety in my cooking (i.e. stop being lazy in the kitchen) – We did a few different things this week, but still haven’t opened a recipe book.
  • increase water intake – average is now 2 bottles (1.5 L), work my way up to 4 bottles a day – Have been increasing – most days 3-4 bottles.
  • reduce diet coke intake – average 1 can/day, reduce to 0 – Not too great here, 3 days of 7 where I had 2 diet cokes.  For me, I tend to drink it when I am stressed out.
  • reduce alcohol intake – only drink on the weekends, no more than 2 servings at a time – We stuck to the weekend thing, but I had a few more than 2 (9 total instead of 6 total).  Part of the pain management!

Looks like I had some trouble on the eating habit changes.  Well, I will give myself a bit of slack due to the timing in my cycle, but it’s important to get back on track quickly.  Without changes in both areas, I will not be able to succeed.

This week is starting off challenging but I know that it will be all better tomorrow. If you are doing a similar program or making some changes in your lifestyle this month, let us know how you are doing.  Are you staying on track? Is there something that you find most difficult? Do you have a great support crew?  Leave your comments and we can work together.

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