Life unlocked is the theme of this year’s USANA International Convention. And yesterday morning, the revolutionary technology behind this theme was revealed live to a crowd of over 12,000 people with thousands more watching on live stream around the globe. This incredible new technology is U.S. patent-pending USANA InCelligence Technology™!

Gratitude Tip: There are times in our lives when we can choose to go along with the status quo or get ahead of the curve. Being partnered with USANA for over a decade, what I’ve noticed is that USANA never settles for the status quo, and in fact, are always miles ahead of the curve. New technology and new products, especially ones that are very scientific can be a little overwhelming for both clients and distributors. When we focus on gratitude for this life changing technology and the more than a decade of R&D that went into this product, we can more easily share it with others, even if we don’t understand all of the details.

Incelligence technology is a cell signaling technology that helps to Nourish, Protect and Renew our cells. There is nothing like it on the market today, and it’s in a category all on it’s own. This technology is already in USANA’s flagship product, the Essentials, which has been renamed to the Cellsentials. And surprise! It was already in our Procosa (joint formula) and Hepa Plus (Hepasil DTX in the US) – they just didn’t give it a name. It’s interesting how I found that every client who uses the Procosa has a positive result, sometimes within just a few days, and I thought that was really amazing but I didn’t know why. Now that the new technology has been introduced, it’s all making sense. And the Hepa Plus is one of the foundation products that we use in our 30 Day Whole Body Detox program.

To learn more about the technology and the products that have already integrated it, check out this blog post from What’s Up USANA, the award winning blog by USANA. And stop by my USANA website! If you check out the menu, Incelligence has already been added (I didn’t have to do a thing!) and you can learn more about it and place your order if you’d like to be one of the first to try it. I’ve got my bottles already and started yesterday.

ahead of the curveOne more amazing moment to share from yesterday. My mentor, and one of my best friends, Leanne Jacobs, was nominated for the Dr. Wentz Vision Award, which is the highest award that a USANA Associate can receive. It’s based on service and fulfulling Dr. Wentz’s Vision of a world free from suffering and a world free disease. It is an incredibly huge honour and it was such a blessing to see our leader recognized in this way. We are all so very proud of you Leanne.


Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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