What if instead of assuming people aren’t trying very hard or giving things their best effort we simply assumed that in every situation, everyone involved was doing their best AT THAT PARTICULAR time? We all know there are some days when our best is different than others, based on how much sleep we’ve had, what we’ve eaten (or not eaten) and different challenges that come up during our day. How would our perspective change if we assumed we were all doing our best at all times?

Gratitude Tip: Imagine how different things would be if we had this assumption? Instead of placing blame and pointing fingers, we could say to ourselves, that person did the best they could in that given situation, on that particular day. And yes, it’s possible that they made have made a mistake or done something wrong, but we’ll never know the background of most people that cross our path daily. And without the ability to put ourselves in everyone else’s shoes, why don’t we simply assume the best first, instead of the opposite?

We’ve all seen the story about the 4 year old who fell into the gorilla enclosure and the subsequent death of the male silverback gorilla. There are a lot of armchair quarterbacks in this situation, and I have chosen to believe only what the trained zoologist and zoo keepers have to say about their decision to shoot the animal to save the child’s life. Here’s my perspective on the situation:

What is we assume that the mother of this child was doing her best? Instead of accusing her of negligence and other terrible things, couldn’t we simply assume she was doing her very best at that moment? There is no parent who can honestly say that their kid has never slipped away in a fraction of a second. Scariest feeling in the world.

What if we assume that the zoo had done their best to create an enclosure to keep people out and the animals safe in a ‘natural’ environment? The enclosure had been in place for 38 years without an incident. Does that mean it cannot be improved? Of course not, but these were exceptional circumstances.

What if we assume that the zoo keepers were trained to deal with these kinds of emergency situations? What if just like any other facility open to the public, they had safety measures in place and properly trained staff who knew exactly what to do to make sure that the child would survive?

What if we assume that the zoo keepers are also grieving the loss of the animal, as many of them would have worked with him on a daily basis for years and years. And what if we assume that even though it was a heart-breaking loss, they all know and understand that a human life trumps an animal life, even one on the brink of extinction?

And what if we assume that the child’s mother wants nothing but her child to return home safely and put this entire incident behind her? What if we assume that the guilt and pain she must already be feeling is worse than anything else she has ever experienced? And what if we assume that she is thanking God in every moment that her child is ALIVE? This could have ended so much differently.

Where is the gratitude in this situation? It can be tough to find it among all of the hatred and outrage. I’ll leave you with this thought: gratitude that the child survived the fall into the moat, gratitude that he survived 10 minutes with a 400 lb gorilla, gratitude that the keepers were trained to save his life and gratitude that there may be change in zoos and enclosures because of what happened.

On another completely different note, I want to say thank you to Sarah for introducing herself to me in person yesterday. Turns out we didn’t know each other before but she’s been reading my blog for at least a year. I am so grateful that this gratitude movement has far extended beyond my immediate network – there is something truly amazing when someone I don’t know (and we don’t have a common 1st degree connection) reaches out and lets me know they have been reading the blog. Thank you thank you thank you!!

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