Yesterday was an interesting day. I spent much of my day baking and then even prepared an elaborate (ok, maybe not elaborate) meal for Dan and I. Now, I’m only 34 weeks pregnant, so I figured it’s too early to be nesting.  And I’ve pretty much been organizing and cleaning since I found I was going to have a baby, so it’s nothing new.

I have been enjoying the bounty of the Farmer’s Market this summer and one of the biggest challenges is eating all of the produce before it goes bad. I find that the fresh produce from the market doesn’t last as long, likely because it is picked later in the growing cycle and therefore is more ripe when you buy it. Dan had never tried a peach crumble (or any kind of crumble) so I kept promising that I would make him one. And ever since I made yummy banana bread with my summer camps, I have been making my own.

Armed with 8 peaches, 1 pint of blueberries and 3 overripe bananas, I headed to the kitchen to BAKE. The most time consuming process was peeling the peaches. They were fairly ripe and soft, so I blanched them to make it easy to take the skins off.  I have never done this before, it worked really well, except that the peaches were a bit slimy after.  The peach/blueberry crisp was first in the oven and happily, turned out to be amazing. We both enjoyed more than one helping after dinner last night – with vanilla bean ice cream of course. We still have some left over, if anyone wants to drop by?  The banana bread was next, an for some reason it was smaller than usual, but still turned out to be very tasty. After trying a few sample pieces, I prepared a plate full for Dan to bring to his pot-luck lunch at work today.

I felt very domestic during all of this. Two recipes in one morning, it was very ambitious for me. Of course, doing the cooking/baking camp probably helped me get into the mood for baking.  During the camp I had several helpers for dishes and to share the food, so I missed that. As for dinner, I basically prepared every fresh veggie we had in the fridge – corn on the cob, yellow zucchini, yellow and green beans, red onion, mushrooms, new potatoes and little orange peppers. Stir fry for most of the veggies, zucchini grilled on the BBQ and potatoes boiled and fried in olive oil and paprika.  It was all very yummy! A true bounty of the earth feast. If I was a food blogger, there would be photos. Let’s just say the plates were empty by the time I thought of taking photos.

My question is this: am I more interested in doing all of this because I am about to become a mom? Or is it just that I had extra time on my hands and thought this would be a good way to fill it? I’m curious to know for those of you who are parents, did your habits in the kitchen change before or when your child arrived? Even more interested to hear from the men on this subject. Share with us in the comments!

A reminder about the 2 special events on Sept 15th and Sept 22nd.  See previous post for details.

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