Amazing Things Happen When We Work Together

7 figure master class, julie boyer, daily gratitude projectI have the honour and pleasure of working with an amazing leadership team here in Ontario. We are a group of 20 leaders who have built successful USANA businesses and together we have committed to creating something truly amazing here every single month. Yesterday was the third 7 Figure Master Class event and it was our best one yet.

Gratitude Tip: As a leader working with other leaders, it is essential to put ego aside and work together for the best of the group. Reaching a consensus may be difficult at times, but when we can focus on gratitude for all that we have accomplished together and what’s to come, it’s easy to set aside personal agendas and work together for the greater good.

Once again, it was a full house at the Westin Harbour Castle with over 250 people in attendance. Our morning speakers were excellent and we even had a surprise special guest, David Gilday coach and board member for Speed Skating Canada. In a beautiful twist of fate, the Canadian Short Track Speed Skating team was staying at the same hotel this weekend. Speed Skating Canada has been sponsored by USANA for over a decade. He shared a great testimonial about why these Olympians and future Olympians are trusting their health to USANA supplements and no other brand.

Leanne Jacobs, my mentor and one of my dearest friends, was the keynote speaker for the afternoon portion of the event. She shared with us a preview of her new book, Beautiful Money, coming out in December 2016. I have been friends with Leanne for almost 16 years and we’ve been working together for almost a decade – yet every time I hear her speak, I learn something new. I was taking notes the entire time. And I felt a lot of love in my heart for my friend who is such a shining light for hundreds of thousands across the globe.

One key learning I want to share from Leanne’s talk is about habits. As she put it, ‘A habit is an idea that is fixed in our subconscious mind and it occurs with no conscious thought.‘ We are a slave to our habits, whether they serve us or not, is up to us. I’ve written a few blogs about creating habits and setting ourselves up for success and I feel as though this one concept can be life-changing once we truly understand the power of our habits.

If you are local to the Toronto area (or even not that local, we’ve had people drive 3-4 hours to come out to our events), please join us on Saturday Dec 5th for our next 7-Figure Master Class with Dr. Brian Dixon, Executive Director of Health Science and Education from USANA Health Sciences home office in Salt Lake City. **Tickets WILL sell out, they always do** Would you like to come as my guest? No charge to attend but please do register ahead of time to secure your spot.

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