julie boyer, daily gratitudeYesterday was truly an amazing day. Yes, every day of life is amazing, but I found yesterday to be particularly wonderful. My daughter had her first dance show, she had been attending a day camp and they were preparing a Dance show based on the movie Frozen. It was actually amazing what they learned in only two weeks and the show was super. What was so special for me was that my husband was able to be there for the first half. I felt so much gratitude to have him sitting beside me.
And my daughter? She was very comfortable on stage (are you surprised?) and had fun doing it. What’s really wonderful is that when I enrolled her in this camp I had no idea it was a performance camp, I simply enrolled because my friend had enrolled her son. What a gift this camp was for all of us!

Gratitude tip: Gifts can show up in the most unexpected ways. And sometimes it’s ok to simply take a risk and go for it, just because a trusted friend is doing it.

We also finished our day with an afternoon at the pool with friends. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent this much time outside in the summer. I truly feel like I have a good balance this year between work and family and I am loving it! I am feeling very grateful these days.

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