What Would You Do With An Extra 15 Minutes a Day?

Aug 14, 2017 | Leadership | 0 comments

Where in your life can you do an extra 15 minutes a day? How would your life change if you did 15 minutes more a day to follow your dreams, live your passion or manifest your vision? What about adding an extra 15 minutes of gratitude into your life? How would your life change in a year?

During the last Olympics, I was listening to the CBC Broadcast and heard former Canadian Soccer goalie, Katrina LeBlanc talk about 15 minutes more. To paraphrase, when she was cut from her first team, she decided that she would do 15 minutes more each day – whether it was 15 minutes before practice or after, she committed to doing an extra 15 minutes a day. And a year later, when she tried out for the team of girls that were a year older, she made it and her career took off after that point.

Fifteen minutes doesn’t seem like a lot at first. Add them up in a week and it’s not even two hours. In year, it’s up to 90 extra hours, which is like adding more than two weeks of work to your year. Chances are, you wouldn’t really notice the extra 15 minutes per day, however we can imagine that in a year it could make a huge difference.

Where would you benefit from adding an extra 15 minutes a day? Here are some ideas.

In your professional life you could add an extra 15 minutes of:
  • Prospecting and follow-up calls
  • Connecting with current clients
  • Creating and strengthening relationships with peers and/or management
  • Learning a new skill to help you in your role
  • Creating and looking for ways to make improvements

If you’re an entrepreneur you could also add an extra 15 minutes of:

  • Reading about others who have succeeded in your field
  • Learning from competitors
  • Working on your highest net return tasks
  • Giving thanks to your customers by writing a Thank-You card
  • Studying a specific topic, such as success or growth

Personal growth and development is a great place to add an extra 15 minutes. You could add:

  • Listening to a podcast or an audio book
  • Reading a biography
  • Studying with a mentor (living or passed on)
  • Interviewing someone you admire
  • Taking an online course

How about with your physical fitness or as an athlete? Where would 15 minutes make a difference?

  • Training after the practice has ended
  • Adding one more round at the gym
  • Running or walking longer than usual
  • Stretching before or after a workout
  • Practicing skills and drills

The extra 15 minutes spent with family could be:

  • Sitting down together to eat
  • Asking questions
  • Playing with your kids
  • Reading an extra bedtime story
  • Turning off electronics

For those in a relationship, here are some more ideas for the extra 15 minutes:

  • Hugging and other close physical contact
  • Listening to each other
  • Doing an extra chore
  • Surprising your partner
  • Planning an adventure or trip

Our spiritual practices could also use an extra 15 minutes for:

  • Meditation – either to start or extend your time
  • Yoga practice
  • Studying the Bible or other spiritual texts
  • Journaling (my favorite is gratitude journaling)
  • Mindful movement like tai chi

We could also use an extra 15 minutes a day to increase our wealth by:

  • Tracking our spending with an app (Mint)
  • Reading about wealth creation (I love Beautiful Money)
  • Paying attention to all forms of income we receive
  • Researching ways to create additional income streams
  • Showing gratitude for all gifts and unexpected income that comes our way

And lastly, the extra 15 minutes a day could also be used grow our daily gratitude practice by:

These ideas may seem overwhelming at first. The idea is to choose just ONE thing to add an extra 15 minutes a day doing. That’s all! Over time, the extra 15 minutes will just become a part of your daily habits. And when that happens, I encourage you to revisit this list and choose a second action to add an extra 15 minutes. In our super busy lives it might seem like it’s a challenge to find an extra 15 minutes a day. However, I know that I personally spend much more than 15 minutes a day on social media. I would be much better served to choose to spend my 15 minutes on any one of these actions. What will you choose as your first one?


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