A few of our Game Changers International here at Next Level You - photo credit Yvan Lozano

A few of our Game Changers International here at Next Level You – photo credit Yvan Lozano

Time is our most precious resource. How we choose to spend our time makes up the fabric of our lives. Taking the time to spend three days away from family and home to attend a personal development event may not always be an easy decision. When you add the cost of the event, flights, hotels and eating out, it often doesn’t make sense logically to attend. The investment of time and money that I have made to be here in Chicago for Next Level You, has already been worth several times my investment.

Gratitude Tip: To become a servant leader, first you have to learn how to be of service to others. Leadership is a skill, just like anything else, that can be developed. No matter where you are today, you can choose to make an investment into yourself this year to become a better leader. And more powerfully – a leader who leads leaders. And the common foundation that all of the leaders we heard from today shared? Gratitude. Tremendous gratitude for their journey, all the challenges and successes that brought them to where they are today, sharing their wisdom with us from the stage.

It will be a challenge to summarize the event so far in one blog post. I will sharing some of the ideas and concepts that I learned over the past few days in the coming weeks. And there is still a full 8 hour day ahead!! What I will share from yesterday is all about connecting.

Creating connections is the foundation of any business. And even if you’re not in business, connections are a valuable part of life. Michael Callejas shared a session on Connecting with Purpose. It was all about understand the different ways in which we connect with people in our lives, from mentors, role models, to partners and friends. I love that he spent time on this! Understand who people are in our lives is critical. Surrounding yourself with the best possible people is absolutely essential to create your best life.  At any one time, you’ve probably got around 20 people whom you would consider in your inner circle. People will come and go from this circle but the number will usually stay at around 20. Who are these most influential people in your life? And are these relationships serving you?

Grace Keohohou, an amazing coach and speaker in the Direct Sales world and once again she was phenomenal. To continue on the theme of creating connections, Grace says, ‘Communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship,’ wouldn’t you agree? Indeed it is often lack of communication that gets us into difficult situations, or mis-communications that can damage a relationship. She has us to do a fun exercise where we read out a phrase with an emphasis on a different word each time which created a different meaning, sometimes positive, sometime negative. For the same group of words! It was really funny, but at the same time, so powerful. As someone who spends hours a week writing, I pay close attention to my words. And I realize that the impact of my words would not be ask strong as if I were sitting beside you sharing these stories and experiences. And that sometimes, you will completely mis-understand what I am trying to say with my words. I will continue to do my best to communication with words, in a powerful way that makes a difference for you.

There is so much more to share, alas it’s time to get ready for this next amazing full day here at Next Level You. I’ll be sharing more tomorrow. Thank you for the gift of your time this morning to read this post. If you liked it and would like to read more, I blog daily on gratitude and you can receive the posts directly into your inbox at 10 am EST. Every day (even on the weekends!). Too much? I offer a weekly summary that is published on Wednesdays at 4 am EST.

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