Dear CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation),

Over the years, we as Canadians have criticized you and complained about our home-grown broadcasting corporation again and again. Today, I write you this letter of gratitude to say Thank You. You have made the first two weeks of August the best in Canadian broadcasting yet. And I am extremely grateful for it.

First, let’s talk about the Olympics. As someone who chooses not to have a cable subscription, the only way that I can watch the Olympics is via your app. I have watched many Olympic Games on my iPad and with my laptop hooked up to the TV. This year, your coverage was absolutely amazing. There were only a few times where the feed was dropped, and I watched a lot of events. You made it easy to switch between the live broadcast covering all events and all of the feed for the different events. The app worked on my android phone and the iPad just as well. And the interface with my laptop was also easy to use.

What I also loved were the combinations of broadcasters you had for each segment of the day, Olympic morning with Ron MacLean, Olympic Games Daytime with Andi Petrillo & David Amber and Olympic Games Primetime with Scott Russell. They did an amazing job in the studio, interviewing our incredible athletes as well as being entertaining and keeping us up to date. There was so much love and positive energy from the studio as our Canadian athletes continued to performed at the highest possible level in every event. What I loved is that not only were the medal winners featured, but we also saw you highlight those not on the podium who had also achieved their personal best and/or set Canadian records.

You also had a great team of special analysts. As a fan of the Olympics, it was so awesome to see many of my favorite Olympians as commentators. A shout out to Mark Tewksbury, who inspired me as a young swimmer and Donovan Bailey, who is from my hometown of Oakville. It felt like I was watching old friends on TV. All in all, I would award all of you a Gold medal in broadcasting for a truly wonderful Olympic Games experience.

And finally, I must extend a huge amount of gratitude for the live broadcast of the final concert by The Tragically Hip in Kingston. To show the entire concert, without a single advertisement, to pre-empt the Olympic broadcast and stream in HD without any glitches on YouTube was simply extraordinary. I got to watch the concert, albeit at home alone, but felt connected to all Canadians, not only across the country but around the world. The production of the live stream was fantastic, a huge kudos to the camera people and the production crew. It was truly world-class. What a gift from the CBC to Canadians. And to see our poet laureate, Gord Downie, in what will likely be his last performance ever, well, there are no words for that.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the entire team at the CBC.

With tremendous gratitude,

Julie Boyer


Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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