Our brain is so incredibly powerful, however it doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. This is why it is possible to create your life, your way, every single day. Most of us go through life simply reacting to what happens around us – good or bad we feel as though we don’t have any control over our lives. When the reality is that we are truly creating our lives every day, by what we are imagining to be true in our minds. There are so many things in life that we cannot control but our thoughts are the one thing that we have complete domain over.

Gratitude Tip: Are our dream real? To our brains yes. To us, not always. And that’s the disconnect. ‘Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve,’ Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich. The most successful and wealthy people in the world have figured this out, now it’s time for the rest of us to do the same. One of the reason I encourage everyone to wake up and simply give thanks for another day, is that it’s easier to design a our lives when we start on a solid foundation of gratitude as we are more likely to look at the world in an optimistic way.

I was reminded of how real our dreams can be when my daughter woke up early this morning, crying. She’s almost 6 so this is very unusual. She woke up in tears, real tears of sadness, because she had a dream that she had lost us (her parents). Turns out Finding Dory can cause nightmares after all (spoiler alert: Dory does find her parents, so it all ends well). To her, it was so real that she was crying and it lasted for at least a half hour. It was very traumatic for her, because in her dream state, it felt so real. We’ve all had dreams like this. They feel so real that we wake up in a cold sweat and our hearts are beating rapidly. Why not do the same thing when designing our lives? Why not use this to our advantage?

One of the ways we can do this is through visualization. You are probably familiar with this term as it’s very common with high performance athletes to visualize and rehearse their perfect performance in their minds first. I have had the pleasure of spending time with Denis Waitley, author of the classic Psychology of Winning, who was one of the first to teach athletes how to use visualization techniques and he even worked with US Astronauts! Visualization is simply putting yourself in the situation you are attempting to manifest, in your mind, and imagining it as if it were real. It’s an extremely effective technique, and one of our local USANA partners, Sarah Gallagher, has built a business around it called Mental Edge Athletics. It’s something I have been using for years to manifest many of my business and personal goals.

2015 Convention Friday - LO-RES - 2184After attending my first USANA Convention in 2006, I knew that I wanted to speak on the main stage in front of 12,000+ people. I would visualize what it looked like to see the crowd from the stage and over the years I had many opportunities to be on the stage as a recipient of different awards, which helped me to continue visualizing speaking. Last year, I visualized sharing my personal story on stage. And I did get the call, not to share my own story, but to recognize others who had won a competition called the RESET Challenge. It was an incredible honour and once I was on the stage it felt much like I had imagined it years before. It took me 10 years to achieve it – which seems like a long time – however most athletes start visualizing their Olympic experience much more than a decade before it happens.

What is it that you are wanting to create in your life? Have you spent some time visualize what it’s like to accomplish it? Once you can create a clear vision in your mind, it will manifest in the real world. How and when isn’t always up to us, so we have to be open to a version of our dream that might be a bit different but that could be even better. What are some of your favorite visualization techniques?

rev3 teatoxJet lag is a challenge! We flew in the evening so that we would immediately go to sleep when we arrived in Vancouver. Yesterday I was not really in a creative space to write as I was pretty tired. However, thanks to my Rev3 Surge pack I was able to function well through the day and get a fairly good night’s sleep. I don’t drink coffee so I use the natural lift from Rev3 to help me when I’m travelling. Rev3 is made from green, white and black tea and contains the equivalent of 1 cup of coffee of caffeine (80 mg)  and has rhodiola and Korean ginseng for mental clarity and reducing inflammation.

We’ve just launched a brand new program called the Rev3 TeaTox. Teatoxes have been really popular and we wanted to created the healthiest (and most affordable) program. It’s a 28 day program, message me if you’d like to give it a go or for more info. You can read more about the Rev3 on my website, www.supplementsburlington.usana.com (look under diet & energy tab).

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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