Would you consider yourself a good storyteller? Do you find that people are engaged when you are speaking with them or when you’re doing a presentation? Have you ever thought about how you are telling your story? It turns out that we are hard-wired to be storytellers, and that when you look at many of the most successful people you know, their ability to tell an engaging story is a key part of their success.

Gratitude Tip: In order to become a great storyteller, we have to figure out what our story is. What is it that we are passionate about? What message are we trying to get across to the world? How do we make what is interesting to us, interesting to others? If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that one of my passions is gratitude. I have a vision of inspiring everyone to wake up and simply say thank you. Perhaps this vision would resonate with more people if I shared the story behind my passion for daily gratitude, what do you think?

One of the great contemporary storytellers that I listen to often is Gary Vaynerchuk, co-founder of Vayner Media. He has a great YouTube show called the #AskGaryVee Show, and he distributes a lot of content daily on SnapChat, Facebook and Twitter. I have always found it very engaging to listen to him, as he is able to craft a story that engages the listener – and these are all authentic, real life stories. It’s not about fiction for Vaynerchuk, it’s about how to tell the stories behind the product or message he is sharing.

As we look back in history, we also can relate to one of the best storytellers of all time, Jesus Christ. He taught using stories, or parables, that made it easy for his followers to understand the lessons and morals he was teaching. I’ve been a Sunday school teacher for almost 5 years now and I have had the chance to read and learn many of the stories from the New Testament. And I have found that sharing the parables is the easiest way to help children understand the messages from the Bible.

So what is the story behind my vision? For many years, I wrote in a gratitude journal, inspired by the movie The Secret. For some reason, I stopped writing my daily gratitude and the habit was lost. After I had my daughter, I began my journey of faith in God and started to slowly reintroduce gratitude into my life. Almost a year after she was born, I was listening to Shawn Achor, author of the Happiness Advantage, speak at a USANA Convention. He suggested that in order to shift our mood from negative to positive, all we had to do what to pick a new habit and do it for 21 days straight. He suggested a different type of gratitude practice, where every night you would write down three things that you were grateful for THAT DAY. It had to be specific and different from the day before.

I immediately started that night, and I added something I had learned from The Secret, a gratitude intention. This one didn’t change daily. It was writing a goal in the present tense, as if it had already happened. And at the time, it was, I am so happy and grateful now that I am a USANA Gold Director. This was a goal that I had been aiming for for years but had not been able to reach. 12 weeks later, I was a new USANA Gold Director – totally unplanned and out of the blue (or so it seemed). I continued with my gratitude practice and changed my intention to being grateful for the house we wanted (we hadn’t found it yet, nor did we have the down payment for it). Another 12 weeks later, we found the perfect house for us (still here 4 years later) and were able to save the remaining down payment before it closed. That’s when I realized how powerful gratitude can be, and that’s what inspired me to create a vision of a world that simply wakes up and says thank you. Our world would change overnight. 

What is your story? How are you sharing what you are passionate about? What medium are you using to share it? Do you like to write, make videos, use art, social media like Snapchat? I’d love to learn more about your story, message me or comment below and let us know what your story it.


usana convention sold outExciting news!!! For the first time EVER, USANA’s International Convention has SOLD OUT. I am completely shocked and thrilled at the same time. The event starts in a month and there are zero tickets left! So the question is, did you get yours? The new science that is going to be revealed is a game changer  – and I have NO idea what it is but I do promise that I’ll be sharing with you on the blog next month.

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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