Are You An Entrepreneur-I love being an entrepreneur – I am officially unemployable, meaning that I would not be able to work for a boss or a manager. I remember when I returned from Switzerland in 2006 and started my USANA business, I was also supposed to go to school and become a teacher. I ended up dropping out of school and pursuing my business – totally from scratch, with zero network in Canada as I had been living overseas for over 2 years. How did you become an entrepreneur?

Gratitude Tip: Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. If it weren’t for those who choose to be employees, our society wouldn’t function very well at all. We are so blessed to live in an era where we can all choose whether or not we want to be an entrepreneur. We are surrounded by opportunities and it’s amazing to have so many choices. I am grateful for all employees and the work they do, while also being grateful for the unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurs today.

Do you read Success Magazine? I have been a subscriber for years and I love the audio CDs in the magazine. For the June edition, Guy Fieri is featured on the cover and on the CD. There is also an interview by Laura Vanderkam (author of I Know How She Does It) with Barbara Corcoran of the Corcoran Group, and most famously known for being a Shark on Shark Tank. Both interviews are fantastic and my favorite part of the magazine. In the interview with Barbara, she shares a quick quiz she has on her website called ent i.q. – 10 questions (vetted) to see if you’re meant to be an entrepreneur or not. I did the quiz myself and the great news is that yes, I am definitely meant to be an entrepreneur (whew!!). I encourage you to try it! Whether you are already an entrepreneur or not, you’ll learn a few things about yourself by completing it.

Being an entrepreneur is not always easy and it is true that the majority of new businesses fail within 5 years. In network marketing, it’s easier to be successful because the framework for business is there, however you still have to learn how to build and grow a business. Many people will choose the network marketing route part-time, while they still have a job, so that they can learn the skills and invest in their personal development while still earning a salary. Some entrepreneur may choose to build their nwm business, others may choose to learn the skills they have learned to create their own business from scratch. There are endless options!

Whether you decide to become an entrepreneur or not, or even if you make the decision today to commit at a deeper level to your current business, know this: You provide value every day in what you do. You are important. You have a role to play in our society and it’s important. And every day that you share your gifts with others, no matter how you choose to do it, is a successful day.



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