As the summer rolls on, are you enjoying the journey just as much as the destination? We often get so focused on where we are going, that we forget to enjoy the journey along the way. Have you ever found yourself doing this? I know that sometimes when I am hyper-focused on a goal, it’s easy to forget to enjoy every moment along the journey. Yesterday we transitioned from North Vancouver, where my sister lives, to Lake Country, where my parents live and made the journey an adventure too!

Gratitude Tip: Setting goals and arriving at our destination is wonderful and can be a lot of fun. Often that’s only one moment in time and there was a lot more time spent on our way to the goal, and it’s important to remember to enjoy the journey too. One of my mentors taught me that one of the easiest ways to do this is to set a goal, have a clear intention in mind and then let it go and focus on the present. Sounds much easier than it is, however I have found that it always make the goal or destination even sweeter when we’ve really enjoyed the journey.

My daughter & my mom in the back of the truck

My daughter & my mom in the back of the truck

I had a plan to help us get from point A to point B while enjoying the journey along the way. We left North Vancouver first thing in the morning and drove to Langley (only about 45 min) to meet up with my friend Kimberly and her family for brunch. It was a lovely meal with 19 people (6 of them kids)! And then we had a surprise visit to Toy Traders in Langley. It’s a classic toys and sci-fi memorabilia/lego/blind bag/video games shop. It’s incredible! As a fan of Star Wars and many other classic sci-fi films, there was so much to see (and purchase) – I’m super grateful that I don’t live in Langley (yet – I’d have to be a Diamond Director in USANA to afford living nearby cause I’d be at the store daily). As our plans were flexible, we had this wonderful opportunity to all be kids for a few hours.

The view from the top at Toy Traders Langley

The view from the top at Toy Trader Langley

After Langley, we headed off to Chilliwack to see my friend Ashley, whom I haven’t seen in over 2 years. She just had a baby in April, and we wanted to see her little cutie! Unfortunately she was napping the whole time, as it tends to happen with infants. Céline jumped on their trampoline and we drove into town for a late lunch at the Urban Sprout, which has amazing raw vegan dishes and organic meat for the rest of the family. I love being able to try new vegan dishes and the lettuce bowl did not disappoint! Great to see the organic, vegan trend has arrived in smaller places like Chilliwack.

Lettuce bowl at the Urban Sprout

Lettuce bowl at the Urban Spoon

We left in the late afternoon, and did one last stop in Hope. There are no fuel stations between Hope and Kelowna so my parents always stop there to fill up. What was great about the day so far is that not only had we visited with friends, but we also got to spend the day with my parents. The next 3 hours were spent driving in the mountains, along the Coquihalla Highway. It was a stunning drive and the sun even showed up once we crossed over in to the drier part of the mountain range. Having lived in Switzerland for years, I love driving in the mountains and this trip did not disappoint. I would recommend driving this in the summer however, as it gets pretty dangerous in the winter.

A rainbow greeting in Lake Country

A rainbow greeting in Lake Country

When we finally arrived at my parents home in Lake Country, we were treated to an amazing sunset over the mountains (see feature blog image). It feels like we are on a totally difference vacation. What a treat it is to have both my parents and my sister now living in BC, as we get to spend time with them both when we visit. It’s not always easy being so far away from my family however they made the choice to move to BC for many reasons including the amazing climate, oceans, lakes and mountains. It’s easy to see how they have all fallen in love with this province.

We definitely enjoyed the journey yesterday, instead of it being a 5 hour drive with 5 people in the truck, it was full of great food, unexpected adventures and time with family and friends. The next time you’re on a journey, whether it be a metaphor or an actually trip, think about how you can make the journey just as much fun as arriving at your destination. Life is so very short, make the most of every day along the way.

It’s a week into my vacation, and as we all know, we tend to make different choices about the food we eat and what we drink. As I will be heading away again a few weeks after I get home, I’ve decided to the the new 7 Day MySmartStart Program starting on Monday Aug 17th. It’s the newest program from USANA and I did back in June when the program was first released and we’ve had groups starting weekly. The great thing about this program is that you are doing 2 smoothies a day, 2 healthy low glycemic snacks plus one low glycemic meal, so it’s a program that can be repeated on a regular basis (unlike the 5 day program that was best done no more than once a season, or our 30 Day Whole Body Detox which is a once a year program). Would you like to join me? Take a peek on my website, (look under diet & energy tab) – you can even create a custom program! Already did the 7 day program? Great! You can simply purchase a bag of your favorite protein base, a box of bars and the USANA Supplements and you’re all set to join us. *We’ve already got two people committed to joining us!

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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