Are You Free to Choose How You Spend Your Time?

Warm late fall day at the park!

Warm late fall day at the park!

It’s Black Friday. And although today’s post could be about the madness of holiday shopping that starts today, I will simply say this: Show gratitude and kindness for all of the employees who are working today, especially in the US and especially those in retail. We are all human being and deserve to be treated with respect.

Yesterday was not a holiday here in Canada, but I still took the day off. I decided earlier in the week that I wanted a day with my daughter. She is five and we both like it when she stays home for a ‘well’ day. She doesn’t really have sick days so we choose to keep her home when we feel like we need a bit of extra time to connect.

Gratitude Tip: Are you free to choose how you spend your time? The fundamental answer is that yes, as a human being, we are free to make choices in every moment of every day. Logistically however, that’s not always the case. If you wanted to take a day off to be with your kids or your spouse, could you? Would you have to take a vacation day? Or an unpaid day? Ask yourself this question today: Is how I am spending my precious time each day aligned with my values and priorities in life?

I was listening to John C Maxwell’s new book yesterday, Intentional Living, and he shared a story of a powerful CEO who stepped down from his very lucrative and rewarding role because he was missing out on everything that was important in his daughter’s life. He and his wife made changes in their careers and now take turns being there for her each morning and walking her to school, as well as showing up for school and sport activities. These types of stories are becoming more and more common as people are realizing that giving up family for a career is no longer a badge of honour.

Almost a decade ago, I made the decision to start my network marketing business with USANA. I had never heard of this business model before and I certainly didn’t understand how it worked when I first started but I knew that if I built a team and a solid customer base, that in a few years time, I would have more time and financial freedom. Today, I am surrounded by a global team of women and men who have choices. Some of them continue to build other businesses on the side or work part-time, but I also work with an amazing team of leaders from all backgrounds, education level and experience, who (like me) have created more than a full-time income in USANA.

Many of you who read this blog are partnered with different network marketing companies. Do you truly value the gift that is in front of you? Are you willing to commit the time and consistent effort needed to create the freedom of CHOICE that the majority will not? I speak from experience, it is SO worth it! A small sacrifice now for a future full of amazing choices.

We only have one life and it goes by very quickly. As Ferris Bueller put it ‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.’ Choose to create a life of significance. Choose to live a life where your values and priorities comes first. Choose to become the best version of yourself and create a life of service to others.

Enjoy your day off if you’re still on holidays. I’ll be attending The Art of Leadership with Tony Daum, a certified John C Maxwell Leadership coach for the next three days and I will sharing some of the wisdom and knowledge I learn with all of you.

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