Are You Here to Serve?

I love setting goals as much as the next person. In fact, my goals are listed on my white board just above my desk. I have weekly goals, quarterly goals and yearly goals. And included in these goals is always a financial goal.

My husband and I had a long talk about our finances last night and about all of the amazing experiences we are creating for our family in the next year, as we prepare to head to France in September of 2016. We are working on our plan for travel and savings in order to make our dream come to life.

Every week, I set an income goal for my USANA business. I’ve been doing this for at least the past 5 years. During our talk, my hubby made an excellent point about how to re-frame an income goal.

Gratitude Tip: Instead of focusing on an income number, focus on how many people may I serve this week? For our business, it can be about how many people I can help to get started on a healthy lifestyle program (my goal is 2 per week) and how many people I can help to create more freedom in their life by adding an addition income stream with USANA (my goal is 1 per week). 


If we shift our focus away from the income number and towards being of service, the income will follow. It is still important to track our business and know our numbers for growth but a shift in focus will be felt when you speak to your new potential clients or team members.

How are you being of service to others this week?

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