lifestyle masterclass, julie boyer, the grateful entrepreneur. As mentioned, yesterday was our monthly Lifestyle & Leadership Masterclass event in Toronto. Our global tribe, Game Changers International has been hosting these incredible events since September of 2015 and quality of our keynote speakers is always excellent, yesterday being no exception. We had the wonderful opportunity to hear from Isabelle Wilson, B.Sc in Biology; Naturopath; ND, Nutritherapist & Phytotherapist, trained as a science teacher, former cancer information specialist, cancer & fibromyalgia survivor, mother of 3 and international Speaker for more than 10 years.

Gratitude Tip: What are you doing on a regular basis to grow and learn as an individual? Are you committed to growth? Do you attend regular events or take courses? The best way that I have found to learn and grow is through live events and seminars. Spending time in the presence of like-minded individuals can help us to develop our gifts and build our self-confidence through positive reinforcement and support.

The focus of Isabelle’s keynote was about living in alignment. This post is inspired by her talk. What does it mean to live in alignment? First, we have to know what our values are. If we value family, health, love, kindness, growth and leadership for example, are our lives a reflection of our values? For most of us, health would be a core value. The question is, are we living in alignment with this core value?

Isabelle shared her own very powerful story, as she is a lung cancer survivor (her left lung had to be removed) and even after that, she was stricken with fibromyalgia. She was a scientist, a biologist and a cancer information specialist. Yet she was still out of alignment with her own health. After suffering from fibromyalgia and having to turn to a constant use of pharmaceutical drugs to keep the pain at bay, she reluctantly started to look at alternative and holistic medicine. She was very stubborn and needed to see the science behind it before she would even consider taking nutritional supplements. Thankfully, her journey led her to USANA, where science is the foundation for the company and the entire product line. She’s now been partnered with USANA for 12 years and as she approaches 50, her health has never been this amazing. She is so passionate about education about supplementation and holistic healing, that she and her business partner, Lilian Suciu, MD, ND, created an amazing online resource,, to further their mission to share the science of supplementation and so much more.

isabelle wilson, julie boyer, the grateful entrepreneurMy favourite question from the keynote was this, ‘Does your lifestyle give you the chance to be in your essence?‘ What a powerful question! I write often about living our gifts and following our passions in life, and I love the way she phrased this. Today, I encourage you to take a closer look at your lifestyle and ask yourself, are you living in alignment with your gifts? For some, the daily commute to work and limited time with family may be the ideal and that’s what brings them joy. But if not, if you are waking up every day, dreading Mondays and living for the weekend, that’s not living in your essence. You are a phenomenal human being with incredible gifts. You have something to give to this world, maybe not on a global scale but perhaps your gift is to be present for your children. And if you want to make a difference on a global scale, spending every day doing something that steals your joy and robs you of your passion is not going to get you any closer.

When we are in alignment, life is easy. Things flow naturally and instead of going against the current, we are moving with it. Being in alignment is when miracles happen. When coincidences and moments of serendipity appear. It’s a beautiful place to live. And it’s absolutely possible. Watching Isabelle speak yesterday, you can tell she is in perfect alignment with her mission in life and what she is doing every single day. Her cells a literally vibrating at the highest level and she is full of passion and purpose. This is possible for every single one of us. Why not choose to live in alignment? Why not live in a place where you are fulfilling you life’s purpose? Our time here is so limited and our chance to make a different so brief. What’s keeping you from being in alignment? And what will you do to change it?

Day 24 of the #40daysofgratitude challenge. What an amazing journey so far. I love being reminded to consciously choose someone or something to be grateful for every single day. It helps to raise our vibration when we focus on what we are grateful for. Even if you’re not part of the challenge, you can always post a photo of what you are grateful for today and use the hashtag #40daysofgratitude so that I can find your post.

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