Are You Networking Effectively?

Yulena, Julie and Alyssa at the Hamilton Hive event

Yulena, Julie and Alyssa at the Hamilton Hive event

Building and growing our networks is essential not only for those in business, but also for those who are employed as the best way to find a new job these days is via your network. I have been attending different networking events in the Greater Toronto Area for almost a decade! There are many different groups that I have been a part of and I’ve learned a lot about being a good networker.

Gratitude Tip: Are you networking effectively? When you attend a networking event, do you have a plan for meeting new people? How do you include gratitude when you are networking? One idea is to give thanks for all of the people you meet, even if you don’t immediately see how you would be able to create a mutually beneficially relationship. You never know when situations will change and you may end up creating the perfect fit years down the road.

As you plan for 2016, I encourage you to look at the networking activities you did in 2015. How many of these groups or events have served you and your business? And where have you been able to be of service? The perfect balance is a group where you are able to refer business to other members and members are referring business back to you – keeping in mind that it’s not always reciprocal. There is no expectation that when I send you business that you should in return send business my way. I always assume that it will work out on a karmic level; the more business I am able to send to others, the more will come my way.

Include your networking activities as a part of your plan for 2016 in a strategic manner. Have you been attending the same meetings for years without any results? There are two possible challenges: the first could be that your networking skills need a bit of work and creating trusting relationships is something you’ve got to work on. The second could simply be that the people attending the event are not your target marketing, nor are they connected to your target market, which makes it harder for them to refer business to you.

Last night I had a wonderful experience at my first Hamilton HIVE event (thank you for the invitation Alyssa). I loved it! I really enjoy working with Gen Y so this is a great place to meet young professionals and entrepreneurs. This is something that I will be adding to my calendar for 2016. I also had the wonderful experience of meeting up with Yulena, a faithful subscriber to the daily gratitude emails and now the daily gratitude blog. We had met briefly over two years ago when I spoke at the event at McMaster and she’s been subscribed ever since. And I was so proud when she told me she’s been writing in her gratitude journal nightly!

You may think that the person behind the blog you are reading doesn’t need your feedback or positive encouragement. Rest assured that I truly value all of your comments and emails (I even keep them in a special folder) and that when you share with me that this blog has made a difference in your life, I’m very grateful.

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