How many of you have read the book Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes Into Stepping Stones for Success by John C. Maxwell? Of all the books Maxwell has written, this is one of my absolute favorites. We have a misguided perception in our society that mistakes or failing to reach our goals is a negative thing. When the reality is that the only way to grow and move forward is by making mistakes and not always reaching our goals on the first try.

Gratitude Tip: Instead of fearing failure or avoiding mistakes, choose to embrace them. All successful entrepreneurs have failed time and time again, and they’ve all made mistakes – some of them very costly – in order to reach massive success. There is no way around it, in order to succeed, one must fail along the way. Many people are also able to find gratitude when things don’t turn out as planned – gratitude for the lessons learned and the experience itself.

In network marketing, most companies have a ladder of levels to achieve as you work your way up to the leadership levels. They are specifically designed so that it’s not that big of a challenge to achieve the first few levels, but as you get higher and higher, the growth (and therefore possibility of failure) increases dramatically. Most of my experience is with USANA, so this many not apply to all companies and all leadership plans but I think you’ll get the idea.

When you first start with USANA, the first few levels are easier to achieve and many people will ‘accidentally’ advance without having to create a plan or make any extra effort. Then when they are aiming to move to the next step, they aren’t really sure how they got to the earlier levels and have never created a plan to succeed. So they go for it, and often, they don’t achieve it the first time – sometimes even the 2nd or 3rd time. And it can feel really frustrating. What I’ve learned over the years is that every time we make an attempt to grow our business, there is always something to be learned. Last week, I decided to make a HUGE leap in my  business, and I didn’t achieve it. And I was thrilled about the outcome because even though I didn’t reach my goal, I learned so much and had the biggest week ever in my business. Did I fail to reach my goal? Yes. Did I find success in other ways? Yes. And did I learn from it? Yes.

Here are some of the lessons learned by NOT achieving my goal:

  1. My pipeline of prospects was not full enough. You’ve probably heard this one before, you fill your pipeline with people who are open and interested in what you have to share and with consistent action, there comes a time when this pipeline is ready to burst. When attempting to reach a level change goal, this pipeline must be overflowing before you start.
  2. I am not a failure. Sometimes we mistakenly label ourselves as a failure when we don’t reach our goals. We are disappointed in ourselves and may feel like we’ve let others down as well. You are not a failure. The goal was not achieved THIS time, and as long as you learn from the experience, you’ll reach your goal in time.
  3. Trust in Divine timing. I have been praying for this goal since August and I committed to others that I would achieve this goal before we went to Costa Rica in three weeks. I shared my goal with a lot of people. And in the past, I would have been embarrassed that I didn’t achieve it as planned. Instead, I choose to focus on divine timing, meaning that even though I thought the timing was right, it doesn’t mean that God agrees. And God’s timing is always perfect.
  4. The team that helped me to achieve to my current level is not the team that will get me to my next level. This is something that you start to notice when you are in leadership. Every level change and income growth, requires a new team – not one that is replacing the team you currently have – simply an influx of new partners that join you where you are at in your growth journey. I have an amazing team of leaders that I am working with and I love helping them to achieve their goals. At the same time, I am attracting new leaders who will help the entire tribe grow to the next level. And there will also be people who drop off or choose to leave as the team grows too, and this is perfectly normal.
  5. People will surprise you. I love this part of any leadership challenge! There are always people who surprise you when they are faced with a team challenge. Many people are motivated by the desire to help others succeed – more so than they are for their own success.
  6. Your attitude is key. As the week was coming to a close, I saw that there was still a long way to get to my goal. I kept a positive attitude, focused on helping my team members to achieve their goals and kept on going, no matter what. I chose to keep my attitude of gratitude for all that had already manifested that week and stay full of joy and happiness. That always attracts more abundance. When we shift our attitude, the goal simply gets further and further away.
  7. Magic and miracles always show up. Every leader who has attempted and completed a massive level advancement will always talk about the magic and miracles that happen. Yes, things you expected to materialize will fall through but there are always unexpected miracles that show up, usually at the last minute. And I saw a number of these show up on Friday nights.
  8. It’s ok to create a new goal! Instead of continuing to ‘push’ towards this massive goal, I have made adjustments to my goal, based on what I learned last week. I am still very excited about this next step in my business and personal growth, and so is our tribe. We are all working together to achieve our own goals in the next few weeks. And that’s a lot of fun!

Where in your life could you choose to fail forward? Are you looking at mistakes as learning experiences? Does the idea of failing at a goal excite you or scare you? Where are you looking to grow through challenges? Who wants to join me in failing forward this week!?!

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Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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