Give thanks to the LORD,Today is a big day for our Holistic Lifestyle Creators tribe! It’s the first day of our 90 Days of Massive Action event, and together we are working towards BIG and uncomfortable goals. We are stepping WAY outside of our comfort zones and we’re ready to create some amazing momentum together. Whenever you take massive action in your life, your leadership always grows.

Gratitude Tip: Where in your life are you leading? Would you like your leadership to grow? Perhaps you are a spiritual leader in your church? Or you are a leader in your job or career? What about at home? Could you grow in your leadership with your children or spouse? As The Grateful Entrepreneur, I encourage people to build their business and their life on a foundation of gratitude. If you’re ready to grow, start with being rooted in gratitude for all that you already have. Then give thanks for the growth that is to come – even if you don’t know where that growth is coming from or how it’s going to manifest.


Back to the Leaders Multiply event again. I’d like to share with you some of the most powerful things I learned about leadership from the 7-figure earners who spoke at the event, that will help you to grow your leadership over the next 90 days.

Tip #1: Habits: Jason Borné shared that a great life is lived by your habits – and in order to succeed we’ll have to create a habit of not quitting. That sounds pretty simple and would be a great way to grow your leadership. Make a decision today that QUIT is no longer in your vocabulary, tear the page out of your dictionary and burn it.

Tip #2: Personal Leadership: First you have to start with yourself. Lead yourself first in order to successfully lead others. Much like Jason, Emily Vavra also shared the importance of habits that serve you. Are you taking the lead in your own life by starting your day with positive habits?

Tip #3: Live Like Someone is Counting on YOU: Because someone always is. Jordan Kemper spoke about how someone is always watching – whether it’s someone here on earth or God – there is always someone watching. How do you act when no one’s around? Do you leadership habits carry over into all parts of your life? Or are you only acting as a leader when you know others are watching? People are counting on you to do your best, in all areas of your life.

Tip #4 Do it First: Whatever we expect of our team and the people we are leading, we first have to do ourselves. What have you asked your organization to do that you are not doing yourself? Cedric Harris offered the ‘sticky note test’ – put this note on your mirror and ask yourself daily: What would my organization look like if they did what I did today? Be willing to do what you are asking others do you.

Tip #5 Are You Willing to go in the Dark?: Boxing is 90% what happens in the dark and 10% what happens in the ring. Business is much the same according to Todd Cahill. Most of what you will do to be successful happens in the dark, the prospecting phone calls, the one-on-one presentations, the personal development. There is not a lot of time in the spotlight. Yet going in the dark, doing the training, developing the habits, is what leads to greatness. We are here to be significant and we were born for greatness – are you willing to fight for it?

Tip #6 Avoid Complacency: It’s easy to camp in a place of complacency because the journey is too hard according to Sarah Robbins. Our lives are filled with challenges to overcome and it’s the pressure of these situations that propels us into our destiny. Leadership is about stepping outside of our comfort zones and leaving behind mediocrity in order to live a life that others only dream about.

Tip #7 Faith over Fear: ‘When you dream small; you offend God because of your lack of faith,’ shared by Mario Arrizon, an absolutely fire-cracker who is rooted in his faith first, no matter what adversities come his way. We know that God is on our side, ‘Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his gracious love is everlasting.’ Psalm 136:1. Choose to FAITH it til you make it. Have faith that whatever dream has been put into your heart, it will manifest.

Tip #8 Pride Derails Us Every Time: Monique McLean had all of the success she could dream of, and she and her husband let themselves get prideful and they lost everything. When your priorities are out of line, your leadership will crumble and your sparkle will be dulled. Put your pride aside and you’re begin to sparkle!

Tip #9 Significance Not Only Success: We are here to create significance, not only success says Tiffaney Malott.  In order to become significant, we’ve got to become transformational leaders. Becoming a transformational leaderes means focusing on individual’s goals – not just our own but on our team’s personal goals. It means speaking to our tribe as though they are all rising leaders and not simply ‘lucky’ followers. It’s about breathing life into others so that they can go from being ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

HLC collage and logoAre you read to grow now? Let’s do this together! If you’d like to learn more about joining our tribe and growing with us for the next 90 days, checkout this page and fill out the application. Myself or one of our leaders will be in touch within 24 hours for a personal call to see if we can help you to manifest and achieve your goals.


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