Are you interested or are you committed- (1)My friend Victoria posted  great image on FB that said, ‘Are you interested or are you committed?’ I love this! Making a commitment is so powerful especially when it begins with a decision first. When we make a real commitment, we will see it through, no matter what challenges we face or how difficult things may be. What I’ve seen often is that we choose to make a commitment, before having made a decision and then we’re not able to see it through. Ask yourself this, what have I committed to that I am going to see through until the very end, no matter what?

Gratitude Tip: Your life is built on the choices you make and the things that you are committed to. Your actions are a reflection of how committed you really are. When you are truly committed to something, every day you will take action to create a habit that will get you one step closer to achieving your goal. Even if it’s hard, even if you have to get up earlier and even if you have to say no to people. When we are grateful that we do control our lives and that we do have choices every day, it makes it so much easier to stay committed.

A few weeks ago, I shared how myself and my leaders in Holistic Lifestyle Creators had made some pretty big commitments to our tribe for the month of April. We are stepping WAY out of our comfort zones and we’ve all faced challenges over the past few weeks in order to prepare for our goals. We remain committed, even with discomfort, even when things don’t turn out as we had plan and even though we’re nervous. And one by one, our tribe members have also been stepping up to different levels of commitment and stepping outside of their comfort zones. And it’s AWESOME.

Today I encourage you to take a look at what you are committed to right now. And then reflect on your actions – are these aligned? If you’re committed to personal growth, what are you reading/listening or watching daily? If you’re committed to business growth, what daily actions are you taking to grow your client base or team? If you’re committed to improving your fitness or losing weight, do your habits reflect this? I’d like to share a short video blog from Darryl Rutherford (Ruddzy) who has made an incredible COMMITMENT to his health this year and with the support of one of our HLC leaders, Amy Ballantyne, has release 59 lb in 5 weeks so far.

Darryl is a true example of commitment. He made a decision to change his lifestyle and lose weight. And his actions have results in amazing results so far. When you listen to him speak, you’ll see that he is committed to a lifelong change, and not just short term losses.

Where can you become more committed in your own life?

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